Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting Started.....

I have thought about blogging for awhile and finally decided to do it. I might keep track of the fabric coming in but I really want to document the finished quilts. I plan to participate in JudyL's Stash Reports each week.

I consider myself a lazy quilter. I do not pre-wash my fabric. If points don't match up it is no big deal. I buy fabric from quilt shops, Walmart, Joann's, etc... and mix and match them in my personal quilts and the quilts that I donate.  If I like it I buy it.

I do have a long arm quilting machine, but quilting the tops is my least favorite part of making a quilt. That is why I have 32 quilts in my closet waiting to be finished.

I thrive on having 4 - 10 quilts going at one time - crazy, isn't it?

I have a very nice husband who doesn't mind my fabric purchases, I am very blessed. I have a ton of fabric. I buy what I like and consider it my retirement stash.

I have used a total of 431 yards of fabric in 2009. I only count my fabric used when the quilt is 100% complete.

This is how I measure how much fabric a quilt has in it.

Width X Length = A (I add between two - five inches per side for seams)

Divide A by 144 = B

Divide B by 9 = yards used and add amount for binding = total fabric used

Looking forward to the new year and all the great quilts that are waiting for me to make.


Amy said...

As a math teacher, I am very happy to see correct math being used. Many people would divide by THREE (3) to get the yardage, not realizing they are talking about "square" yardage :0)

Lori in South Dakota said...

yup, you measure like I do--close enough!