Friday, October 24, 2014

Yardage Chart ~ House Progress

I found this fun yardage chart at

LeAnne has made these in various colors and explains how to print them. Great to have one at your cutting area and another in your wallet.

Here are some pictures of the house ~

This is the entrance into our community. Even though we are the only ones building at this time they still decorated the entrance.  There will only be, at the most, 15 homes, each on 18 + acres.
This starts the 3 mile drive to our place
Still driving to our place...

Turning off to our place. Can't see the house yet -
You can barely see the house - though you have a good picture of the dash mat for my car!

 The sheet rock is almost all up and they have started doing the tapping and sanding. This is the living room.

 This is a close up of the brick.
 They are painting the hardy plank the same color as the roof. The soffits are all up. We are going to put a non-skid tile on the front porch.
Sewing room!!! They finished hanging the sheet rock yesterday. I will be putting laminate flooring in here, easy to clean.

The solar guy starts next week, the septic tank goes in on Tuesday. The walkway and retaining wall in the front of the house will be constructed next week.

We ordered the flooring yesterday, The cabinet maker we met with does beautiful work, but I wasn't crazy about his door fronts, don't want a raised panel on the doors. I need to find a door I like and see if he can make it.

We ordered the moving trucks (three 26 foot trucks - We have a lot of big bulky items that can't be stacked) for Thanksgiving weekend. Not sure if the cabinets will be finished by then. If we need to we will keep the minimum of items and live here until the cabinets are in.

So fun to see the house with the sheet rock up, starting to look like a real home.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Quilts on our beds

Linking up with Jo's "what quilt is on your bed?".

This "all about me" quilt is on our bed. I LOVE this quilt. It was so much fun collecting the different fabrics.  I made three of these (all 100 inches square) - 2 went to my best Halloween friends.

This quilt is on a guest bed. Wish I still had more of the black and orange dot fabric.

This fuchsia quilt is on a guest bed.

These last two quilts are on mother's bed, along with the electric blanket. Both are about 14-15 years old.

Looks like next year I will need a make a couple more Halloween quilts so every bed will have one.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oct 12, 2014 ~ Stash Report~QOV~Baby Quilts

Yippee - the last of my 17 strippie quilts, by Mollie, is finally finished! Here is baby quilt #44.

I saw a quilt at the Paducah quilt show 3 years ago and decided to make my version into a QOV. I made my blocks to finish at 12 inches. My flying geese are 6x3 finished, side strips are 3x12 finished - just a tad bit blurry!

My hexie flowers are coming along, though at this rate it will take quite awhile to make 225 of these.
   I am using my 2.5 inch scraps to make these.  I am considering using white with black dots for the background fabric.
                                                                                    Finished baby quilt #43 - read more about it here...

For baby quilt #45 I used the pattern "Two's Company by Karie Patch Design.  I was given the Raggedy Andy fabric 2-3 years ago. I used the rest of the  fabric on the back.

since last stash report ~
fabric in - ZERO
fabric out - 21.63
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Baby Quilt #43

I found the pattern for this baby quilt on Shannon's blog.  Go check out her blog as she makes a lot of great quilts.

Baby Quilt #43!

It was a super easy one to make. I used 3 navy, 3 aqua and one orange fabric for this quilt. I bound it in navy.

This quilt has been added to the RMH pile.

Linking up with Michelle's "Let's Make Baby Quilts" post and Sarah's confessions

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stash Report October 5, 2014

I am going to try counting my fabric a bit differently. I am just going to report what comes in (hopefully nothing for the rest of the year) and what goes out (hopefully a lot) from one post to the next. I have been really good and have only bought 80 yards of fabric this year. I am keeping track of the year to date numbers in a notebook for my own information.

I had a stack of squares and Karen suggested I make a D4P. This is my very first D4P and I did pretty good matching the seams.

This is a QOV - it has red, white, blue and gold in it - perfect for a woman.

And the presentation case, the cuff is the same fabric that I used in the quilt.

Karen has a Star Bright quilt as her header and I got the free pattern here.  I made mine out of a charm pack, and used a piece of fabric for the star.

I should have made it one row wider and longer. I also should have used one fabric for framing the star. This one is going to Ronald McDonald's House. It is baby quilt # 40.

Another QOV is finished. This time I used Mollie's Framed 9 Patch pattern. If you haven't been to her website check it out, she has 60+ patterns (all free) they  look great and are easy to make. I started this one 3 months ago.

The binding is a red on red stripe.
I used the remainder of the backing fabric for the presentation case.

2 more Strippie quilts are finished.   I started making these quilts in July using Mollie's pattern and have one more to finish. These are baby quilts 41 and 42. These are also going to RMH.

Fabric in - ZERO!
Fabric out - 30.63 yards

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Friday, October 3, 2014

My First D4P - Star Bright Baby Quilt

My first Disappearing 4 Patch.  A friend suggested that I use this pattern when I told her I had a stack of  6.5 inch squares waiting to be made into a quilt.

This quilt is my first QOV that was made especially for a woman. The colors are red, white, blue and gold so it is perfect. I was amazed that most of my seams line up...

and the presentation case -

I first saw this week's baby quilt on Karen's blog - it is the quilt in her header. Mine is much smaller.

I used S'more Love charm pack and some aqua for the star.  The pattern can be found here.... I will quilt and bind it this weekend. Next time I make this quilt I will use one fabric to surround the star. This quilt will be going to RMH.

Check out this week's "let's Make Baby Quilts" 

Sarah's "Whoop Whoop" Fridays always have a ton of great quilts to check out...

Realizing that I get more quilting done if I have a list or goals written down I decided that I am going to have 7 goals for October and see how that works.

October Goals - 
1 ~ Make my Tula Pink blocks into a top
2 ~ Cut scraps into my new system - this will be ongoing
3 ~ Finish framed 9 patch QOV
4 ~ Make 10 6.5 inch string blocks - this will be ongoing until the quilt is finished
5 ~ Start a new quilt - I would do this anyway so I might as well put it on the list!
6 ~ Make 15 hexie flowers - ongoing until 225 flowers have been made
7 ~ Make 4 baby quilts

Since I have never done any hand sewing I am curious to know on which finger do most quilters wear their thimble. I put in on my first finger and then found myself using a different finger to push the needle through. I don't need it to make my hexies, only when sewing the hexies into a flower. Guess I will see if you tube has any videos on "how to use a thimble".