Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stash Report - August 21st and Best of Show Winners!

Here are my finished quilts since my last stash report.
This is a baby quilt for my great niece - Olivia.

This is a I Spy quilt for our Church's Santa's Warehouse, nice to have this one done ahead of time. I have 4 more of this quilt cut out, using different color sashing. I am trying to use up all my novelty prints. It is lap size.

This is a Alaska themed quilt. My mother and I went to Alaska in June and we bought fabrics that would remind us of our visit. There is fabric that says Welcome To Alaska, a map of the area we visited, bears, seal, whales, all kinds of birds, glaciers, small airplane, sea otters, a dog sled (I highly recommend that to anyone who goes to Alaska) every activity we did we were able to find fabric for. I used the All About Me pattern. This is 100" x 100".

This is a huge Halloween quilt. You never can have too many Halloween quilts.

Another I Spy quilt sent to a friend to enjoy with her grandkids.

Granddaughter #4 and her Best of Show Hello Kitty wall hanging at her county fair. She designed this quilt, cut it out, I did the ironing, she did most of the zigzagging around the pieces, quilted it, sewed the binding on by machine, made and sewed on the label, I sewed the sleeve on the back. There are numerous mistakes but I didn't have the heart to make her rip anything out. I am so proud of her, she is 8.5 years old. She said to me "I know why you like quilting as a hobby....because IT IS SO MUCH FUN!" Sure made me smile. She already has plans for next years quilt, a face with flowing hair - wish us luck. She won $60.00!

Couldn't get the picture to go the correct way. Another Best of Show (4th to 6th grades)  for Granddaughter #2 who is 11 years old. She designed her quilt and did everything without any help from me (I did wind the bobbins and thread the sewing and quilting machines) . She also did her own ripping out. I am so proud of her. She asked me that when I get too old to quilt if she could have my long arm! There is a better picture of her quilt in a previous post.  She won $76.00! She also made a stuffed dog with her other grandmother's help and it came in 1st place.

I also made 7 small pet beds for the animal shelter out of left over pieces of flannel with batting and scraps of fabric cut into 2-3 inches squares for the stuffing. 

Total fabric used this year - 184.96

I have decided not to post how much fabric comes into my home. I know that once we are retired I won't have as much $ to spend on fabric. I am buying background fabrics for current quilts and for quilts that won't be made for many years. I think of it as my Fabric Savings Plan or my 401K in fabric. I'll need something to keep me busy for the next 25+ years.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Pet Beds

8 more pet beds for the animal shelter where my granddaughter volunteers. Who knew I had so many scraps of batting. I am going to make some more using bits of fabric along with the batting.  I have a pillow case made and it hangs off my cutting table to throw bits of fabric in when I am cutting out the pieces for a top. I am using flannel from backings for the pillow cases.

The scrappy apple core and the green/blue batik quilts are both donation lap quilts for a hospital.

Total fabric used year to date - 208.36