Sunday, September 7, 2014

September 7, 2014 - Stash Report - Flowering Snowball Quilt

I am thrilled with this Flowering Snowball quilt. It has 900 pieces. 10 blocks x 10 blocks. My blocks are 10 inches.

It is 97 inches square after washing and drying. I enjoyed every step of making this quilt. Picking out the 400 different fabrics for the petals, cutting all the pieces, pinning and sewing the blocks, rows and top together, even the quilting and binding were happily done. The big plus is that 96% of my seams match! I thought I would be lucky if I could get 50% of them to match.

Quite a few bloggers said that they didn't pin or only used a few pins when making this quilt, I used a lot of really skinny pins and sewed over them without once breaking my needle.  I did try only using a few pins but it just didn't work for me, couldn't get the pieces to line up.

I couldn't fit the petal template on the straight of grain on some of my scraps so I just put it in any direction it would fit and was very careful when handling them so they wouldn't stretch and get out of shape. My quilt lays flat.

Do I dare say that this is my favorite quilt? I really, really like the scrappiness of it. So glad I went with Kona silver for the background instead of white or beige.

When I first saw the quilt that Mary made (and you can see it  at her blog Molly Flanders)  I knew that I had to make one or at least try to make one. 

When I first began this quilt I was completely out of my comfort zone.

Take a look at Nicole's quilt - it is going to be gorgeous!

This is Ruby - 

She is 4 months old. I am going twice a week for training so I will know how to teach Ruby what she needs to know. Ruby comes with me. I don't want to have a 90 pound dog that doesn't listen to me. I want to be the pack leader.

We just finished one of our training sessions, that is why her tongue is hanging out. I can only get a picture of her after she is worn out otherwise she is too excited. She is sitting when told, we are working on sit/stay and come when called. She is learning quickly, so am I! She is a inside/outside dog. 

Once we have moved (feels like it is never going to happen) and she is a bit older I will have someone come out to teach her the boundaries of our property. 

Added since last report - ZERO yards - I am not buying any more this year!
Added YTD - 79.62 yards
Used since last report - 23.52 yards
Used YTD - 378.93 yards
Net Used - 299.31 yards 
fabric not counted until quilt is 100% finished

Quilts finished in 2014 - 57

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Baby Quilts - 31 of 52 quilts 
Fat Quarter Shop - 4 out of 24 blocks 
Tula Pink - 120 of 120 blocks - made 20 extra blocks

Friday, September 5, 2014

Baby Quilt #31

This week's baby quilt top is from the book - Even More Quilts for Baby by Ursula Reikes. The name of the quilt is Sickle, page 46.

Here is a picture of the fabrics I used

Love the multi colored dots

This quilt took about 2 hours to make and is 36 inches square. It still needs to be quilted. This quilt will be given to Ronald McDonald's House.

At the beginning of the year I had made a goal to make one baby quilt a week.  I am a few weeks behind and will try to get caught up or even ahead. I still need to make 21 baby quilts before the end of the year.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31st - Purchases - Stash Report -

When I first started seeing the Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt  popping up on different blogs - it was love at first sight.  I was intrigued with all the different sized blocks that made up the quilt. I have never made anything like this before.  My kit came this week (15.25 yards).  This will be my third sampler quilt.

I first learned that it would become a kit when I read Thelma's post  -

I have a hard time with colors, so I bought the kit thinking I would be able to add other fabrics to it. I have been collecting dot fabrics and decided to copy Thelma's idea of adding dots to my quilt.

I  don't need/want a quilt that is 84x96. I will be making it bigger and ordered 3 (probably too much) more yards of the eggshell that is used for the background.   I am going to try to make it about 102 inches square.  I won't start on this quilt until next year.

Not much going on at the new house, the railing went up on the back deck.  The foam insulation should go in in two weeks. Once that is finished then the sheetrock will go up and the final electrical inspection. After that things should move fast.

Read about how this week's baby quilt  came to be - this quilt will be going to RMH.

Every single time I read blogs I see another quilt I want to make! My list isn't getting shorter. Plus I have all the quilts that are in various stages of completion.  I have been thinking about taking some of the quilts and making them smaller for QOV or RMH instead of quilts for our beds.

2015 is almost here and I have been debating, with myself, on what I would like to accomplish.  The Lion's Club in our new area does a lot of work with the Veterans and maybe they will be able to use my QsOV.

My name was drawn for one of the prizes of the Action Kivu fundraiser put on by 

This is what I will be receiving....It  was donated by Elizabeth Hartman. 25 fat quarters that I can use in my Modern Building Blocks quilt and two fun patterns. I am adding the fat quarters in today's count - 6.25 yards.

Action Kivu Auction Prize
I am done purchasing fabric for the year.

Linking up with Judy - 

Added since last report - 24.50 yards
Added YTD - 79.62 yards
Used since last report - 3.45 yards
Used YTD - 355.41 yards
Net Used - 275.85 yards 
fabric not counted until quilt is 100% finished

Quilts finished in 2014 - 55

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Baby Quilts - 30 of 52 quilts 
Fat Quarter Shop - 4 out of 24 blocks 
Tula Pink - 120 of 120 blocks - made 20 extra blocks

Friday, August 29, 2014

Baby Quilt #30

I saw this cute quilt on Felicity's blog

Felicity also gave the link to the pattern

It is called Star Cluster by Judy Martin.

Mine finished at 40 x 40. Perfect size for a baby quilt. The pinwheel in the center is fun.

Here is a picture of the sweet fabric I used in the center
I hope to get it quilted this weekend. It really went together rather quickly, I need to write the sizes down so I can make it again.

This is baby quilt #30 - only 22 more to make to reach my goal of making one quilt a week and there are only 18 weeks left!

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