Monday, July 30, 2018


Today I made Spiderman quilt #3 using this pattern

I did not add any borders to my quilt. The time it took to cut and piece this top was 3.5 - 4 hours. It is 51 inches square.

Thanks Karen for sending me this pattern.

Quilt top, backing and binding ready to donate to Project Linus.

I started with 730 yards of donated fabric
I've used 16.85 yards so far

and only have 713.15 yards left to go

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Here is the second Spiderman quilt - 

 Probably still have at least enough Spiderman fabric to create 7 more quilts...

I started with 730 yards
used 15.5 yards so far
only 714.5 yards left to go

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Project Linus Quilt #2

Karen gave me the great idea of picking one bolt of the donated fabric and use it until it is gone.

I picked this 10 yard bolt of Spiderman fabric. I had to buy some red and blue fabrics to go with it.

I do have a lot of red and blue fabric but it was bought with the $ we were given for the vet quilts.

I used this simple pattern for the first Spiderman quilt - my squares were 6.5 inches unfinished
Backing and binding

I started with 730 yards
used 11 yards so far
only 719 yards left to go

Elizabeth's College Quilt - The End

I drove into the big city today to  spend the morning with Elizabeth and her sister, Kimmy. The main purpose of this trip was to give Elizabeth the nursing quilt I had made. Plus Elizabeth invited me go dorm room shopping with her! How fun for me to be included.

We met and  I presented her with the quilt as I wanted her to see it before she bought sheets so she could buy some that would go with the quilt.

She opened the quilt and said
"g'ma I have decided not to be a nurse. I thought I told you."

In that split second disappointment must have really showed on my face because she then quickly said
"don't cry g'ma.  I was teasing you. Please don't cry. I am going to be a nurse."

I am happy to say that she LOVES the quilt.

Have to admit a thousand thoughts flew through my mind in that millisecond. What am I going to do with this quilt, do I have time to make another one, what is she going to study... I thought I was prepared if she didn't like the quilt and I guess I wasn't.

Gotta love a happy ending!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Project Linus Quilt #1

Finished the first quilt for Project Linus made from the donation fabric. The quilt measures about 45x55

The blocks are 9.5 inches unfinished

 The  fabric next to the quilt top is the backing and the bottom orange is for the binding
Now to locate a Chapter of Project Linus that is close by...

I'm going to try to keep track of the donation fabrics that are used.
I started with 730 yards, this quilt used 4.5
balance is 725.5

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


My friend, Anne, has closed her quilt shop so she can spend more time with family and travel. She has a granddaughter in Spain she wants to visit.

On her last day of business she gifted me with over 730 yards of fabric to use to make donation quilts.

 The fabric she gave me is mostly to make quilts for kids.
 A lot of the  bolts have 10-12 yards, perfect for backings.
 I need to organize it so like fabrics are together
 There are some great fabrics to use in I Spy quilts
 Now I just need to come up with the patterns that will work with these fabrics. There is no hurry to make these quilts.
I do have a few patterns that use three 1 yard pieces of fabric and that will work with a some of these fabrics. 

I have decided that I won't be able to afford batting to use in all the quilts this fabric can make. I will make the tops, backings and bindings and then pass them along to Quilts of Compassion (Toledo, OH) and Project Linus to finish. 

I am looking forward to getting started on these tops, hoping I can make 2-3 a month.

Monday, July 16, 2018

QOV and Quilts of Compassion

Here are some tops I recently made. 
 These three tops went to Quilts of Compassion in Toledo, OH. Janice came to Nashville and these went home with her. The above top didn't turn out like I expected. A friend gave me a picture and I just didn't calculate the measurements correctly. It is the perfect size if the dark strip goes left to right.

I put the kits together for the vet quilters to piece. The strips for the center of the stars were made by the group. One of the ladies then added the star points and sashing to make the completed top. It was quilted by a friend who recently bought a long arm. Also can't forget about  Barbara who comes to our sew days and just likes to iron!! I am grateful for everyone's help.

We are hoping to have 25 quilts to give out this year on Veterans Day to the Vietnam Vets.