Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stash Report April 29, 2012

Looking for fabric to make this quilt, I came across this purple flannel top and backing. So this was a super quick finish. I bought the purple charm pack about 5 years ago. Had a hard time finding fabric to match for the binding. I just don't have a lot of pinks and purples in my collection.

The butterflies from the next two quilts (the center of the blocks) are the last bit of fabric used for a backing. I also made a quilt from the same backing back in January.  All three of these quilts are headed to Ronald's House. 

This quilt came about as an accident. The larger quilt (below) was going to be 5 x 5 blocks. One butterfly square has a slice cut in it so it was no longer available and a 4 x 6 block quilt just looked to odd/long. I haven't made this small of a quilt in a long time. 

Once again I have backing fabric left over, not enough to piece together to make another backing but enough to make a couple of  lap quilts for Ronald's House. I usually cut them in 6.5 inch squares and put them in a baggie and into the drawer to use later. I think I will make a snowball / 9 patch from the backing. The backing will be the snowballs.  This process is never ending, make a quilt, leftover backing, make another quilt, more leftover backing, etc....   I could make pieced backings out of many fabrics, but that just doesn't appeal to me at this time.

I am still pinning and sewing apple core blocks.

I had hopes of making it to Paducah this week, not only for the quilt show - my father's family lived in Paducah in the early 1800s and I was hoping to stop by the genealogy library to see if they had any new information. Other obligations came up and it just wasn't meant to be.  I am sure if I had gone I would have added to my collection!

Used since last post - 14.52 yards
Used YTD - 153.48 yards

Added since last post - 0
Added YTD - 74 yards 

Net used YTD -  79.48 yards

Quilts finished in 2012 - 16

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stash Report - April 22, 2012

Here is a QOV I made this week. I came across a baggie of 3.5 inch blue squares and decided to get them into a quilt and out of my stash. Worked out well.

From April 6th to the 16th we had company. Company, who when they saw the quilt on the bed said "what a nice blanket". Needless to say  absolutely no sewing/quilting happened during their visit.

Spent hours pinning and sewing apple core blocks. I am trying to get one row of 26 finished each week. I did get two quilt tops made for Ronald's house, one a lap size and the other a infant quilt. Hopefully they will be finished this week and I can count the fabric as used on my next stash report.

Used since last post - 7.84
Used YTD - 138.96

Added since last post - 0
Added YTD - 74

Net used YTD - 64.96  

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stash Busting - April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Not much got done this week. I pinned and sewed a lot of apple core blocks.

I did start and finished this QOV

I thought that since the blocks were 6.5 inches that this pattern would have used a lot more fabric than it did. It used 654 2.5 inch tone on tone and solid blue squares, I actually had that many, and more, in my 2.5 inch bin. So nice not to have to cut any.

Used since last post - 8.93 yards
Used YTD - 131.12 yards

Added since last post - 0
Added YTD - 74 yards

Net used YTD - 57.12 yards - looking better every week

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stash Report April 1, 2012

It's been over a month since my last stash report.

Finished the QOV that I cut out wrong a few weeks back.

I really like this quilt. The center of the stars are string blocks, the points are misc. blues, the background are all scrappy white/beige. This is bigger than the required sized. My cousin is 6'8" and was a US Marine for over 30 years, so I made this QOV thinking there are other servicemen that are really tall.

I saw this pattern as the background of a blog - sorry but I don't remember whose blog - It wasn't a quilt, just a drawing of sorts.  This top went together really quickly. I used 2.5 x 6  inch strips and 2.5 inch squares for the pinwheels. I shouldn't have put the partial spokes of the pinwheels along the edges. I will have to remember that for next time. This quilt is going to Ronald's House and hopefully a teen will get it..

This is a charm star quilt - made from 5 inch squares and the star points are made from 3 inch squares. I used the same fabric for the stars and the sashing. This quilt went together really quick, big blocks at 14 inches finished, plus I think it looks great. This quilt is going to a local cancer group, along with the quilt below.

I tried my Curve Master foot to piece this apple core top, but I just can't get the hang of it. It would be a lot easier if I didn't have to do all the pinning.  Totally scrappy as is the binding.

This is a QOV. Matchsticks by Atkinson Designs.

The center of this giant tumbler I Spy quilt was found in between some fabric on the shelf. Decided now was the time to add the borders and get it finished and on it's way to it's new home.

I love the binding - a stripe with polka dots, just perfect with the dot border. It is dated 2005 and I wish I had bought more of it. This one is going to Ronald's House. The backing is flannel.

used since last stash report - 57.49 yards
used YTD - 122.19

added since last stash report - 6 yards
added YTD - 74 yards

net used 2012 -  +48.19 yards

I either need to quit buying fabric or I need to use more!

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