Friday, February 28, 2014

Baby Quilts 9,10,11 and 12

Some time in May we will be moving (if the weather warms up so the house can be built) and I won't be able to make baby quilts for a few weeks so I thought now was a good time to make a few extra.

Baby Quilts #9 and #10
 I had  these two panels and I just put a border on them.

Gotta love a stripe binding.

The pattern for this quilt came from Moda's Bake Shop...great directions.
It is a cute quilt - the red isn't as bright as the picture shows it. The background fabric is a tiny blue and yellow plaid.


This baby quilt is made from a tutorial from MSQC and can be found here...
I really like the orange binding. This is the 2nd quilt I made from this pattern. The first can be found here...

I have been piecing leftover batting pieces together to use in the baby quilts.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stash Report #8

For the past year or so I have been having trouble when it comes to my color/fabric choices. I do not know what has caused me to have so many doubts. Any ideas? I struggle for hours and hours trying this fabric and that fabric...sure is frustrating, plus it makes a huge mess!

I love the colors in this week's baby quilt - they look great - probably because I used the same colors as the picture in the magazine and didn't have the stress from picking them out myself.

Read more about this week's baby quilt here...

More Tula Pink blocks ~ so fun...
Might put a different border around the pink swan, maybe a lighter pink.

I bought one yard of pale yellow to make my friend's birthday quilt. Pattern is "Cloud 9" by Villa Rosa Designs.

The next quilt I used the same pattern, I just reversed the solids and prints in the second quilt.
Karen (check out her blog) has a quilt ministry and I am sending this quilt to her.  Some of the colors are washed out in the picture. 54x70
This quilt was cut out and pieced in abt 3-4 hours, so quick and looks so much better in person, honestly. The print (same as the baby quilt's border) is small blue, green and purple tiny squares and I used 4 solids of each color in different shades. No yellows or pinks.

No progress on the house, still waiting for warm nights and no rain in the forecast so they can pour the basement floor - maybe this week things will warm up.

I was sent some fat quarters as a thank you. The fabric in these fat quarters are so very thin that I doubt I will use them in my quilts. I will probably just donate them to the Veterans thrift store. I am not going to count them in to my stash.

On a personal note ~~~~ I had a "poor me" pity party. Spent most of one day in bed, sobbing - quietly crying is a better description. I think what brought it on was dealing with my mother's doctors, trying to decide which supplement medicare policy to purchase, having to be totally responsible for another person (almost three years since she lost her vision), being home bound for who knows how much longer ( just knowing that I can't get up and go when I want), missing out on some of the grandgirls activities.  So glad it only lasted a day! Spending the day feeling sorry for myself didn't change anything, didn't make me feel any better, just wasted the whole day.

My sister is having 3 surgeries this year and is unable to help, plus she lives in Colorado. I do have a couple of reliable sitters we use from time to time, have to plan ahead with them - they aren't as spontaneous as I am.

One melt down in three years isn't too bad.  I truly don't know what I would do if I didn't have quilting to keep me occupied. It literally keeps me sane.

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Added this week - 1 yard
Added YTD - 15.12 yards
Used this week - 20.98 yards
Used YTD - 153.29 yards
Net Used - 138.17 yards 
fabric not counted until quilt is 100% finished

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby Quilt #8

The pattern for this week's baby quilt came from the current issue of - Best Modern Quilts - page 64 and is named Metro. It is a table runner, but I thought it would make a great baby quilt for our niece's new baby boy so I made it wider and shorter. I love this quilt, the colors, the block size, the simplicity of cutting and piecing.

Because I have been having difficulties with colors lately I copied the same colors that were in the magazine quilt and it came out perfect!

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stash Report #7

My favorite bird in our forrest are the woodpeckers. Every morning I throw a couple of cups of peanuts out for them. Of course all the other birds come for the treat, but I do it just for the chance of seeing the woodpeckers. Try as I might to get pictures, they are gone by the time I can zoom in and focus. Here are the woodpeckers I saw on Thursday morning - pictures from the internet....

Red-bellied Woodpecker Downy Woodpecker Pileated Woodpecker
red bellied                           downey                               pileated
White-breasted Nuthatch
Even though the Nuthatch isn't a woodpecker, he does go up and down the trees just like a woodpecker does and they are fun to watch.
I am joining in with Judy's Stash Report..

Best as I can remember these blocks were made about 4-6 years ago.
I don't remember what I was going to do with these. It appears that I planned some sort of coin quilt. They must have been in really long rows and I had already taken them apart into six strips.  Decided it was time to get them out of the drawer and into a quilt. I had 80 blocks and needed 81, luckily a friend recently made a quilt with this type of fabrics and she sent me 6 strips so I could make the last block. It took me longer to come up with a pattern and do the math than it did to sew all the blocks together! I paired the blocks with this light purple color

I am keeping this quilt. It is about 99 inches square. It kinda reminds me of Easter eggs, bright and happy.

Read more about this week's baby quilt here...

This week's Tula Pink's blocks - this is going to be one interesting quilt! Such fun blocks to make.
This is the setting Bill likes. To make this quilt big enough for our bed - abt 100 inches square - I will need to make 120 blocks. This pattern only uses 64 of the blocks.
I also like this pattern as it focuses on each unique block. Not sure what color I will use in place of the green...maybe green!

Added this week - .12
Added YTD - 14.12 yards
Used this week - 21.42 yards
Used YTD - 132.31 yards
Net Used - 118.19 yards 
fabric not counted until quilt is 100% finished

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Fat Quarter Shop - 4 out of 24 blocks 
Tula Pink - 76 of 120 blocks - making 20 additional blocks

Friday, February 14, 2014

Baby Quilt #7

This baby quilt came about from a challenge issued by Shannon, check out her blog and see the great quilts she creates. I made a comment on a quilt she made using floral fabrics and she wrote back saying it was "my turn" to make a quilt using some of my floral stash!

Another easy and quick baby quilt.

Pattern is Center Star found in Ursula Reikes' book Even More Quilts For Baby. I added the border to make the quilt a bit bigger - it is 39 inches square.

I thought it turned out pretty good.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stash Report #6

This cute tiny thing just appeared at our place one day. She is tiny and very protective of the feeder, she runs off much larger birds. So fun to watch.

This is baby quilt #6 - read more about this quilt here.....

Here are my Tula Pink blocks  for this week -

I want to make a lap quilt for a friend's birthday. Her favorite color is yellow and I thought a yellow, black and white quilt would be the perfect spring time quilt. I didn't have any yellow with black and white fabric so I stopped by the quilt shop and found the perfect bundle.

I also found these cute little pattern cards - they are 4x6 and laminated. $2 each.
They are going to make the perfect gift to include in a card or letter. You can check them out here.....

For the past 21 Februarys this quilt has lived on our bed - each heart is made from heart fabrics. It was about the 6th quilt I made.
I made this quilt for RMH.

I am not thrilled with the fabric selection for this quilt. I picked the colors/fabric using this as the focus fabric -
The pattern is "Recipe Cards" by Modern Quilt Relish. The quilt went together really quickly - four hours, including cutting.

Added this week - 4 yards
Added YTD - 14 yards
Used this week - 12.06 yards
Used YTD - 110.89 yards
Net Used - 96.89 yards 
fabric not counted until quilt is 100% finished

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Rainbow (Angela)/Block (Judy) Challenge - 1 out of 12 months 
Fat Quarter Shop - 4 out of 24 blocks 
Tula Pink - 64 of 120 blocks - making 20 additional blocks

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Baby Quilt #6

Here is my newest baby quilt.

A sweet little baby quilt. 40x48. I used all shades of pink - peachy pink, bright pink, light pinks, orangey pinks, etc...Tumbler are one of my favorite quilts to make.

The back is just as cute...she has  pink bows in her hair. I especially like the monkey with a heart shaped tummy.
Having fun making a baby quilt each week.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stash Report #5

I am blessed to have lots of home bound time right now. I make all of our meals on Sunday, so not much time is spent cooking during the week (most times I double up on the meals and make enough for two weeks). I have a cleaning routine, where I focus on one room each morning for abt 30 minutes and at night I do a general pick up, those dogs can sure make a mess! I do laundry on Fridays and grocery shopping late at night once a week. Tuesday mornings are reserved for running errands and doctor appointments. The rest of the time I can be found at home, in my quilting room, where I also watch TV, read, play on the computer, nap, snack, daydream, plan, fold laundry, make lists of things I will never do, listen to music, research our ancestors, etc....

I wonder if all this time spent at home taking care of  my mother is turning me into a hermit.....I do not think I have any anxiety disorders, so I am not agoraphobic. Just one of the many thoughts that go through my mind while in my quilting room....maybe I do need to get out more.

Good pattern for using up leftover pieces of 2.5 inch strips.
This week I made 13 Tula Pink's blocks -

Here is my January's rainbow block challenge - this will be going to RMH.

We have 4 grandgirls - 
M - 14 - has made 4 quilts 
E - 13 - has made 6 quilts
EK - 11 - has made 1 quilts
K - 10 - has made 3 quilts

EK spent the weekend and wanted to make a quilt! Her first! She has never shown an interest in quilting before. She chose the pattern "Curiosity" by Rachel Griffith.
She picked out the fabrics from my stash, I cut the pieces, she did all the sewing and ironing and quilting except for the binding, which I did as we were running out of time. We both did the unstitching when it was needed.

She did spend about an hour sewing 2.5 inch squares together practicing her 1/4 inch seam before she began her quilt. She quilted stars, flowers, trees, her name on her quilt. She  thought that the quilting was the best part. Nowhere close to  perfect but a great job for her first quilt.  She is pretty proud of her quilt. And I am proud of her.

She wants me to save all my tops so she can quilt them, not sure I am ready for her help!

I am participating in the "Wishes" quilt along with the fat quarter shop. I usually buy 5 yd pieces for background and this quilt requires 5.25 yards. Luckily I found the perfect fabric and I had probably bought all they had on the bolt as I have 9 yards!
Tiny little dots that match the colors I will be using.  I decided to make two quilts from the "Wishes" blocks. I decided to go with solids and black for the background for the 2nd one. 

Totally different looks. These two quilts will be going to RMH in December.
Wishes Block 1 ~ January
They went together pretty easily. I am so spoiled by cutting either whole or half numbers. Cutting 3/8 and 7/8 took a bit more concentration, took me out of my comfort zone. The kids who receive these quilts will not realize I made a mistake with the color placement.

Wishes Block 2 ~ February
These blocks need a good pressing. Only problem I foresee with these blocks is that I might not be able to find them in March!

For more stash reports check out Judy's blog...

Added this week - 0 yards
Added YTD - 10 yards
Used this week - 26.17 yards
Used YTD - 98.83 yards
Net Used - 88.83 yards 
fabric not counted until quilt is 100% finished

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