Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stash Report #8

For the past year or so I have been having trouble when it comes to my color/fabric choices. I do not know what has caused me to have so many doubts. Any ideas? I struggle for hours and hours trying this fabric and that fabric...sure is frustrating, plus it makes a huge mess!

I love the colors in this week's baby quilt - they look great - probably because I used the same colors as the picture in the magazine and didn't have the stress from picking them out myself.

Read more about this week's baby quilt here...

More Tula Pink blocks ~ so fun...
Might put a different border around the pink swan, maybe a lighter pink.

I bought one yard of pale yellow to make my friend's birthday quilt. Pattern is "Cloud 9" by Villa Rosa Designs.

The next quilt I used the same pattern, I just reversed the solids and prints in the second quilt.
Karen (check out her blog) has a quilt ministry and I am sending this quilt to her.  Some of the colors are washed out in the picture. 54x70
This quilt was cut out and pieced in abt 3-4 hours, so quick and looks so much better in person, honestly. The print (same as the baby quilt's border) is small blue, green and purple tiny squares and I used 4 solids of each color in different shades. No yellows or pinks.

No progress on the house, still waiting for warm nights and no rain in the forecast so they can pour the basement floor - maybe this week things will warm up.

I was sent some fat quarters as a thank you. The fabric in these fat quarters are so very thin that I doubt I will use them in my quilts. I will probably just donate them to the Veterans thrift store. I am not going to count them in to my stash.

On a personal note ~~~~ I had a "poor me" pity party. Spent most of one day in bed, sobbing - quietly crying is a better description. I think what brought it on was dealing with my mother's doctors, trying to decide which supplement medicare policy to purchase, having to be totally responsible for another person (almost three years since she lost her vision), being home bound for who knows how much longer ( just knowing that I can't get up and go when I want), missing out on some of the grandgirls activities.  So glad it only lasted a day! Spending the day feeling sorry for myself didn't change anything, didn't make me feel any better, just wasted the whole day.

My sister is having 3 surgeries this year and is unable to help, plus she lives in Colorado. I do have a couple of reliable sitters we use from time to time, have to plan ahead with them - they aren't as spontaneous as I am.

One melt down in three years isn't too bad.  I truly don't know what I would do if I didn't have quilting to keep me occupied. It literally keeps me sane.

Linking up with Judy's stash reports...

Added this week - 1 yard
Added YTD - 15.12 yards
Used this week - 20.98 yards
Used YTD - 153.29 yards
Net Used - 138.17 yards 
fabric not counted until quilt is 100% finished

Quilts finished in 2014 - 19

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Baby Quilts - 8 of 52 quilts 
Rainbow (Angela)/Block (Judy) Challenge - 1 out of 12 months 
Fat Quarter Shop - 4 out of 24 blocks 
Tula Pink - 85 of 120 blocks - making 20 additional blocks


Charlene S said...

You were entitled that "pity party" so stop feeling quilts! Remember when life sends you lemons, God sprinkles sugar around you to help you make lemonade. Quilting and grands are part of that sugar. Keep being strong!

Libby in TN said...

With an invalid demented MIL living with us, I can relate to your frustration. Don't feel guilty about your feelings; do take time for yourself. Keep calm and quilt on.

Kathie said...

As for the color, when I started quilting a lady told me to pick out a colorful blouse I loved, or a vase or a painting or whatever. Something you have in your house that you love the colors. Then use that to pull like colors from your stash. It is amazing how well it works.

As for the other, I know when my grandma lived with my parents they finally had to schedule an afternoon every week to get out. They had a reliable sitter and they set it up for every wednesday afternoon. Mom could get her hair cut, they could run errands or go out to lunch with friends or somethings would just go get a coffee and sit and talk without another set of ears around. Another option if you could find a friend to come over and sew with you once in awhile. Not like getting out but the social interaction might help.

WyoPat said...

I wish I were nearer so I could give you some help. I feel for both your mother and for you--those years that are supposed to be "golden" can be so hard. Sort of like when I was younger and working--I thought it would be nice to be hospitalized so I could rest and do nothing--but I didn't feel good when I was hospitalized so I couldn't enjoy it! My mother's loss of eyesight was the worst detriment to her quality of life. May God bless you and keep you strong.

Kate said...

Fun quilts. Color choice is hard, but it's so nice when you get to the end and you like it.

I've not had to deal with aging parents yet. Sounds like there were some useful solutions in the comments. You shouldn't feel bad about your "cry" day. Crying does really help. It might not seem like it, but there are some beneficial biochemical changes that do indeed make you feel a bit better once you get done. Hope you can find some options that will give you a bit more freedom.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Your color choices in the quilts you've shown here look great. Hang in there with the responsibilities and challenges of caring for an aging parent, a challenge many of us have faced, so feel free to reach out whenever you need to.

Gina said...

I love what you've made. With fabric choice, I pick a main patterned fabric and then choose other colors that are in the fabric. It might be worth downloading a colour wheel so you can see what goes with what.
You are entitled to a pity party with what you are dealing with. Don't beat yourself up because it gets a bit much. Sending hugs xx

Karen said...

I know from experience that the caregiver has the hardest part when they are taking care of someone. Most caregivers don't take care of themselves. So please take care of yourself and don't feel bad about having a melt down. You are very special to me.