Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stash Report 2/19/2012

I have had the "ick" for the past couple of weeks. Thought I was feeling better, not 100% but probably 80% better.

 I decided to cut some fabric to work on a QOV.   This was last Wednesday. You know where I am going with this.....
The strips were to be cut 4.5 inches wide. I used my 6.5 in ruler and cut on the 4 inch line - ugh. In my medicated mind I simply thought I would just make the blocks smaller, so I continued cutting - 2.5 yards worth of fabric. When I finished I realized that to make the 4 inch pieces fit my pattern I was going to have to rip apart the blocks I already made and cut them smaller and resew them.  That wasn't going to happen.

So off I went today to the quilt shop.....
and added 4.5 yards of fabric.

I also received a package from a friend this week...
3.5 yards of Raggedy Ann and Andy fabric.

I had a few emails about my last post concerning  my mother. We do a lot of things together, going out to lunch twice a week, shopping, movies,dinner out every weekend. We also go on one big trip each year, last year we went to Alaska. This year she wants to see a Civil War reenactment.  I also take her gambling once every three months. We go on genealogy adventures. She is by no way neglected. When I am home and have free time I can probably be found in my sewing room.

I still have some ABC panels left if anyone wants them.

Added this week - 8 yards
used this week - 0 yards

Added YTD - 68 yards
Used YTD - 64.68

In the red - 4.68 yards - no quilting until I am 100% better!