Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Alycia's QOV Mystery - Clue #5 "Big Star Country"

Here is my finished top!

I love it! Super fast and super easy - I really couldn't ask for anything more than that.

Thank you Alycia!!!

Our group has been asked for a quilt that the county can use in a raffle to benefit the Veteran's Park they are building and I think this one will be perfect.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Quilts for Vets of Wayne County, TN - Part 7

All 50 quilt tops have been made! 30 are 100% done!!! I am thrilled. For now my part of this is complete. I will be washing and drying the quilts once they are finished.

I pieced the first two quilts and I do have to confess that I was getting tired of making patriotic quilts and when I saw this pattern I just had to make something that went together really fast. To my surprise the ladies in the group really liked it (if they hadn't they would have told me so, believe me) and want to have a class to make one!
I made two tumble quilts this year, I cut out way too many blocks and just decided  to make a duplicate. I still have more blocks that we will use next year for the Vietnam Vets.

This quilt is the result of our last group sewing day - we made 56 blocks and used 42 in this quilt. The rest will be put in a quilt for next year.
At our next sew day we will be going over each quilt removing pieces of thread and getting them ready for the quilt show on Sept. 23rd.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Alycia's QOV Mystery - Clue #4

Here is Clue #4 from Alycia's QOV mystery A6.

Love the big blocks in this one as it really goes together super

Clue #5 came out today and am looking forward to getting this one into a finished top.

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Thanks Alycia for making this such an easy quilt to make. For me it was less than 2 hours per clue to make this QOV, which is perfect. As always, for me, choosing the fabrics was the hardest part.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Quilts For Vets Of Wayne County, TN - Part 6

As of August 3rd  we have - 

26 completed quilts - 4 have been given away (will borrow them for the quilt show)
14 tops that need to be quilted and bound
4 waiting for binding
2 quilt kits that were finished today (I need to put the blocks into tops)
1 top being pieced by my friend, L
1 top being pieced by another friend, R - Dresden Plate
2 tops that I am piecing - including Alycia's Mystery

That is a total of 50!!!!

Not quite done by the end of July like I hoped,  though all are accounted for. I have to admit I did a little happy dance when I counted up the quilts.

This is the latest finished quilt... I pieced this one.

I am so looking forward to making a quilt that isn't in patriotic colors.

There are 3 of us who are going to make Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage Quilt. Two of us are going to make it a bit bigger and the other is making it a twin size. We are going to meet on Wednesdays to make this.

This is the fabric I am going to use. I bought two fat quarter bundles at Shopping Spree at Market. I am going to use white with tiny white dots as the background.

These almost look like Batiks but they aren't.

Plus Karen and I are going to make a fall quilt with pumpkins! 

I am excited about both of these sew alongs. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Alycia's QOV Mystery - Clue #3

Clue #3 is complete. Still pretty simple just as Alycia promised.

Though I do have to admit I have not had much practice using the Easy Angle ruler and that has been a bit of a challenge. Can't complain as I haven't lost any of the inside points as yet.

On to Clue #4. Linking up with Alycia's blog....