Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Alycia's QOV Mystery - Clue #4

Here is Clue #4 from Alycia's QOV mystery A6.

Love the big blocks in this one as it really goes together super

Clue #5 came out today and am looking forward to getting this one into a finished top.

Linking up with Alycia's post.

Thanks Alycia for making this such an easy quilt to make. For me it was less than 2 hours per clue to make this QOV, which is perfect. As always, for me, choosing the fabrics was the hardest part.


Alycia said...

Wow!!! That is turning out great!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful! I like your fabric choices, too. I just got to this point today. Barely in time. I'll finish this week, I hope! These are all great examples of the pattern, I think. It really does go quickly. I'll bet you could work an hour a day and be finished in a week. I like hour a day projects. =)