Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dec. 28, 2014 ~ End Of Year Tallies

2014 was a very good year for quilts. Used a lot of fabric and made a lot of quilts.

Here are my tallies for the year ~

Out of the 76 quilts I finished this year 

52 were baby quilts - I took Michelle's challenge of making one each week

12 were QOV - my favorite place to donate quilts

6 UFOs were finished

6 new quilts were started and finished - not including the QOV or the baby quilts

8 of the quilts were kept - 2 for the dogs, 1 for mother, 3 bed quilts, 1 lap quilt and 1 quilt for the air bed.

2 baby quilts were given as gifts

Most of the baby quilts, 3 UFOs and 2 new quilts, went to RMH - which is my 2nd favorite place to donate quilts. A few went to Project Linus.

86 yards of fabric came in

496 yards of fabric were used

410 total yards of fabric used YTD 

Yep, it was a very good year!

Click here to see my favorite quilt of 2014

Hope everyone has the most wonderful New Year!

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dec 9th - Stash Report

I added 4.5 yards of this adorable fabric to my collection - I had a gift certificate and wanted to use it before it got lost in the move.

It is the perfect background for a QOV I plan on making early next year.

I will be using this pattern and using blues instead of the greens

Here is the link to the quilt-a-long

Here is my first block -  I think it is going to make a great quilt. This block is 24 inches.

Since last report ~ ~
Fabric In - 4.5 yards
Fabric Out - Zero - I won't be finishing any more quilts this year
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