Monday, July 16, 2018

QOV and Quilts of Compassion

Here are some tops I recently made. 
 These three tops went to Quilts of Compassion in Toledo, OH. Janice came to Nashville and these went home with her. The above top didn't turn out like I expected. A friend gave me a picture and I just didn't calculate the measurements correctly. It is the perfect size if the dark strip goes left to right.

I put the kits together for the vet quilters to piece. The strips for the center of the stars were made by the group. One of the ladies then added the star points and sashing to make the completed top. It was quilted by a friend who recently bought a long arm. Also can't forget about  Barbara who comes to our sew days and just likes to iron!! I am grateful for everyone's help.

We are hoping to have 25 quilts to give out this year on Veterans Day to the Vietnam Vets.

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Shannon said...

I like that first quilt with the strip going left to right. Who says it can't go that way?!