Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stash Report October 5, 2014

I am going to try counting my fabric a bit differently. I am just going to report what comes in (hopefully nothing for the rest of the year) and what goes out (hopefully a lot) from one post to the next. I have been really good and have only bought 80 yards of fabric this year. I am keeping track of the year to date numbers in a notebook for my own information.

I had a stack of squares and Karen suggested I make a D4P. This is my very first D4P and I did pretty good matching the seams.

This is a QOV - it has red, white, blue and gold in it - perfect for a woman.

And the presentation case, the cuff is the same fabric that I used in the quilt.

Karen has a Star Bright quilt as her header and I got the free pattern here.  I made mine out of a charm pack, and used a piece of fabric for the star.

I should have made it one row wider and longer. I also should have used one fabric for framing the star. This one is going to Ronald McDonald's House. It is baby quilt # 40.

Another QOV is finished. This time I used Mollie's Framed 9 Patch pattern. If you haven't been to her website check it out, she has 60+ patterns (all free) they  look great and are easy to make. I started this one 3 months ago.

The binding is a red on red stripe.
I used the remainder of the backing fabric for the presentation case.

2 more Strippie quilts are finished.   I started making these quilts in July using Mollie's pattern and have one more to finish. These are baby quilts 41 and 42. These are also going to RMH.

Fabric in - ZERO!
Fabric out - 30.63 yards

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Denise :) said...

What's a D4P? It took me a minute to see the actual block ... which I like. Looks like it would be a fun quilt top to construct! You've got so many pretties on your page today!!! :)

Shannon said...

Thanks for the link to Mollie's site. I've been there looking around and found a few patterns I want to try. Your presentation bag for the second quilt is nice. The back of your quilt must be just as nice as the front!

Anonymous said...

I love your D4P and the Framed 9 patch. I'll be checking out Mollie's site as well. Thanks for the link. I also love your presentation cases. I think I'll have to start doing those. :) ~Melanie

Suzanne said...

Yahoo...great quilts! Thanks for the link to Mollie's free patterns. I am always looking for new patterns for QOV'S.

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts, all for a good cause!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Those are awesome quilts!!! I really like that one with the big star!! It looks great!

Beth in MN said...

What great finishes!! So many worthy causes. I have a D4P started so will have to finish it to keep up with you! LOL
Good job.

Karen said...

Your fabrics for the strippie quilts are awesome. Someone special are going to love these quilts. As always your beautiful quilts keep me inspired.

WyoPat said...

I like the coordinating presentation cases! How is the house progressing--would love a report. Are you already in and settled?

Scooquilt said...

I never thought of a framed nine patch. I like it! Makes a good QoV. Have a good week!