Friday, October 3, 2014

My First D4P - Star Bright Baby Quilt

My first Disappearing 4 Patch.  A friend suggested that I use this pattern when I told her I had a stack of  6.5 inch squares waiting to be made into a quilt.

This quilt is my first QOV that was made especially for a woman. The colors are red, white, blue and gold so it is perfect. I was amazed that most of my seams line up...

and the presentation case -

I first saw this week's baby quilt on Karen's blog - it is the quilt in her header. Mine is much smaller.

I used S'more Love charm pack and some aqua for the star.  The pattern can be found here.... I will quilt and bind it this weekend. Next time I make this quilt I will use one fabric to surround the star. This quilt will be going to RMH.

Check out this week's "let's Make Baby Quilts" 

Sarah's "Whoop Whoop" Fridays always have a ton of great quilts to check out...

Realizing that I get more quilting done if I have a list or goals written down I decided that I am going to have 7 goals for October and see how that works.

October Goals - 
1 ~ Make my Tula Pink blocks into a top
2 ~ Cut scraps into my new system - this will be ongoing
3 ~ Finish framed 9 patch QOV
4 ~ Make 10 6.5 inch string blocks - this will be ongoing until the quilt is finished
5 ~ Start a new quilt - I would do this anyway so I might as well put it on the list!
6 ~ Make 15 hexie flowers - ongoing until 225 flowers have been made
7 ~ Make 4 baby quilts

Since I have never done any hand sewing I am curious to know on which finger do most quilters wear their thimble. I put in on my first finger and then found myself using a different finger to push the needle through. I don't need it to make my hexies, only when sewing the hexies into a flower. Guess I will see if you tube has any videos on "how to use a thimble".

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Shannon said...

I love that QofV quilt! I also have a pile of squares that I got from someone. I think that might be a great pattern for it! Thanks for the idea. My sewing room is a mess right now and it's driving me crazy! Perhaps a to do list would help me get it cleaned up.