Saturday, September 27, 2014

Yep, I Am Doing English Paper Piecing!

My quilty confidence level has risen since I finished my Flowering Snowball quilt.  I have begun making a quilt I never dreamed I could make or even want to make, I am making hexie flowers and plan on using them on this quilt. I will need 225 flowers. I am sure this will take me a long time (about one year) to make. I thought I might be able to make one flower a day, now I'm not so sure as my finger tip is sore as I am not at all use to hand stitching. Guess I will have to invest in a thimble next time I go to town. I am enjoying the process. I am using 2.5 inch squares from my scrap bin to make these hexies. I still need to decide on a background fabric.

They are going to be scrappy with either a yellow or orange center. I am still struggling to get my stitches to be invisible ( probably need a smaller needle). Overall I am pleased with my progress. Plus it is a great way to use up the last bits of thread left on the bobbins.

Joyce, who lives in Washington state, lost everything in a fire - read how you can help here

Today one of the things I wanted to accomplish was to find a system to store my scraps and I finally found a way that makes perfect sense to me.
I am not comfortable cutting my scraps into certain square sizes as I might not use them. Cutting scraps into different size strips and then when I need a specific square I can cut it from my strips. For some reason this method of storing scraps just clicked with me.

I am going to track my fabric a bit differently, I am just going to report what came in and what I used since my last report. I am keeping track of YTD totals and where my finished quilts went in a small notebook.

 Not sure what goals I will set for next year or how I will record my finishes.

I do have one goal for the rest of this year and that is not to purchase any more fabric! I think I will be able to do that.


Shannon said...

Your hexie flowers are so pretty! I'm glad you found a way to store your scraps. I'm still getting mine organized! I watched her video - love the accent. It was "delicious"!

Denise :) said...

EPPing is such fun! Good for you for taking it on!! I haven't seen a house update since August -- are y'all close to being able to move in? Thanks for sharing the link for the quilter who lost her stash to a fire. I definitely have fabric to spare, fabric to share! :)

Karen said...

Your hexies are really pretty. I was be anxious to hear how your scrap saving system works for you. I hope to use lots of my scraps in the coming year.