Friday, September 26, 2014

Baby Quilt #s 32 - 39

Audrey's mom, Joyce, lost her stash due to a fire.  Audrey is asking quilters to send her mom one fat quarter to help rebuild her stash. Details can be found here...


I used this tutorial to make these baby quilts -

This baby quilt pattern is perfect  as it uses my left over backing pieces without having to cut them into smaller pieces. I consider this pattern a win - win as I get rid of the long skinny backing bits and some baby/little child gets a snugly quilt.

The pattern only calls for 3 - 5x40 inches of the focus fabric - just 15 inches.

I was able to piece one top in a hour, only 16 long seams.

They finish at 39x45 inches. Another plus is that I didn't have to piece the backing.

I had 32 10 inch pink flannel 4 patches sitting in a drawer for about 6 years, finally decided to use them. I made 3 quilts with them and am too embarrassed to share them. They are pretty bad. I thought about taking them apart but my success rate of unsewing flannel has been disastrous. Not sure what I will do with this 3 quilts, 

I had less than 1/2 yard of the bright fuchsia fabric that I wanted to use in a quilt and this simple chevron pattern was perfect. The background is multi colored dots with small pink hearts.

I had these 6 inch squares in a drawer and made this quick quilt. Cute little Mother Goose characters.

These quilts are going to Ronald McDonald's House.

Only 13 more baby quilts to go!

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Laura said...

Great quilts for a great charity! I know the children who get them will love them.

Shannon said...

lovely color choices for your baby quilts!

Libby in TN said...

Wow! You're making headway! I should never have doubted...