Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stash Report 11-11-12

Fly Away by Bonnie Olaveson/Cotton Way is the pattern I used to make this quilt for my mother's caregiver, she celebrated her birthday this week. Measured about 64x75 before washing. The 360 geese took two days to make and trim. The pattern went together quickly after that. The colors remind me of the trees in our woods this fall.

Do you shop at If you do please click over to Evelyn's blog and see how you can help her get to Austria to be with her family for Christmas, it won't cost you one cent.

Saturday was spent getting my handgun carry permit - it was an all day class and a birthday present from my son.

I only missed two questions on the written test.

I got 100% on the gun range,  only one shot veered into the 8 circle, the rest were in the red zone and the 9 circle. The only problem was that my gun kept jamming and the instructor  had to help me with it.  

Used - 405.84 yards

Added - 94 yards 

Net Used YTD - 311.84 yards

Quilts finished in 2012 - 43

My goals for 2012 are simple~

1 - make one QOV each month. 
Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec

2 - make one quilt for Ronald McDonald's House each month
Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec plus 3

3 - finish one already started quilt each month 
Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec

4 - if I complete the above 3 goals each month I can start one new quilt
 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10


Denise :) said...

Good job on the handgun carry permit!! I don't go anywhere without mine! :)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

You are so prolific! Right now life is hectic and I squeeze in sewing here and there, but am finding knitting more portable for the time being. Thank you for the link to my blog! My Nana was a firm believer in having just about any kind of permit she could get. I remember her going downtown one day in her 80's to renew a fishing permit that she had not actually used in years. I questioned her about it and she told me it was the principle of the matter and not to give up hard earned rights. She was so wise! Cheers! Evelyn