Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Christmas Tulips / QOV #3

After seeing Thelma's beautiful quilt I just knew I had to make one. I even copied the same color scheme she used. 

You can find the pattern here... it is called Vintage Tulips. I had seen the pattern before but the quilt on the pattern cover just didn't appeal to me.

This quilt is a Christmas gift for a friend who is a florist. The quilt is 100 inches square. I love the colors, very 
springish. I used a different green for each of the stems/leaves. Love the scrappiness of it all.

For my QOV #3 I used Mollie's instructions for a Carpenter's Star.  My blocks are 8.5 inches unfinished and I made a simpler border. 

And the presentation case...

One of the reasons I joined two quilt guilds was to, hopefully, once again find my love of quilting. It was lost for about 7 months. I literally had to force myself to sew/quilt a little here and there. So glad it isn't lost any more! 

Another reason to join the guilds was to meet quilters in our new area. That part is proving to be more difficult for me. I am hoping in time that a few of us will click and new friendships will blossom.

Fabric usage  2015 ~
fabric in ~ 0
fabric out ~ 32.22
used YTD ~ 108.80

Quilts Finished ~ 8 ~ each quilt will only be counted in one category
QOV ~ 3
RMH ~ 4
New ~ 1


Shannon said...

That quilt is perfect for a florist! Glad you are enjoying quilting again!

Karen said...

Both quilts are stunning. The tulip quilt is cheery and perfect for your friend. I am glad to see you are quilting again. I had missed your quilts that brought inspiration to me.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

That tulips quilt is stunning!! Hope you find some quilters close to you - it takes a while doesn't it?