Monday, October 26, 2015

Quilt of Valor #5

I used the Fat Quarter Shop's free pattern "Welded" for this QOV.
You can get the pattern here.....

The directions were perfect and  the top was quickly completed.

The pillow case was made and donated by my friend, Karen. She blogs at K's Quilting Korner.

Now that I am no longer taking care of my mother, have joined a quilt guild and have made new friends since our move, I find I don't have as much quilting time as I did before! Having quilt/sew dates, visiting new quilt shops in our area (not much fabric has been coming home with me), and it seems as though there is/was a quilt show to go to every weekend in September and October, is keeping me busy. Having a great time. I feel so very blessed.

Bought 6 yards of this fabric at the Huntsville quilt show - only $3 a yard and I couldn't pass it up. Bought all they had as it will be perfect background fabric for RMH quilts.

Visit the stash report at Patchworktimes

Fabric usage  2015 ~
fabric in ~ 6
fabric out ~ 10.5
used YTD ~ 146.18

Quilts Finished ~ 15 ~ each quilt will only be counted in one category
QOV ~ 5
RMH ~ 8
UFO ~ 1
New ~ 1


Karen said...

Beautiful QOV. I love the flag fabric. Very nice gift for a deserving veteran. I am glad to hear you are out and about with friends and quilting with them.

Libby in TN said...

Nice pattern for a QOV -- or any reason, really. You sound so much more content. Sorry our Chattanooga schedules didn't match. We'll get together someday ....

Shannon said...

Glad that you have settled into your new home and are doing well! I have recently seen that pattern and thought about making it. I like the flags you put in the center. Nice quilt.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Its a beautiful quilt! Glad you are meeting new people and joining in - its good to know your town ;-)

Denise :) said...

As always, your numbers look fantastic. You're still making good use of your stitching time!! Great QOV pattern -- thank you for sharing the link!! :)

WyoPat said...

So glad to have you back! I went back and read your older posts and looked at your new quilting space--so spacious and well organized! It's difficult not to have a quilting buddy close for inspiration--I hope your guilds fill that need.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!