Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finally some finishes - 1st Stash Report for 2011

This is a very scrappy tumbler quilt. They are easy to piece and cutting is a breeze as I have a Accu-studio cutter. This quilt is a lap size.

This quilt is a lap size kid's quilt - there are sharks in the center blue squares.

This is a large lap quilt. Even though there are bright bold colors in the scrappy 4 patches, it has an old fashion feel to it. I adapted this from Carrie Nelson's Route 44 pattern. At times I have been known to lose the tips of my squares so I made the backgrounds a bit larger than the pattern calls for.

I was going to make this a queen size quilt, I had all the pieces cut. I followed the directions for making the 1/2 sq triangles, guess I didn't do a good job with it as they didn't come out the correct size. And that means the blocks didn't come out the perfect size, so they all had to be resized and the seams didn't match.  So I decided to make a large lap quilt out of it. I really like the pattern and will make another one  but use a different method for making the 1/2 sq triangles. This pattern is from the book Scrap-Basket Sensations.

This is a QOV that was sent to Colorado.

This is a twin size tumbler quilt - I really love making these. I love my Accu-quilt cutter machine.

This pattern is a favorite of mine, great for using up scraps. It is called Migration from the Quilt Asylum in Texas. It is a lap size quilt.

This is a baby quilt the center squares are sharks.

All these quilts are donation quilts, 7 of them are going to Basic Housing in Brooklyn NY.  Go to for more information. I don't know how to do link ups.

This top has been sitting in the closet for two years waiting to be finished. It is 100x100 inches, perfect for my bed.

This quilt was designed, pieced, unpieced and quilted by my 11 yr old granddaughter. I am so proud of her. It took her about 4 full days to complete. I wasn't sure that she was up for all the machine applique. She used invisible thread and it isn't perfect, but she did a great job.
She quilted clouds in the sky, waves in the sea and swirls in the sail. It looks great. The sea monster has net for his fin and pointy things on it's back. This is a quilt of the  ship "The Dawn Treader" from the Narnia movie. This is her 2nd quilt, she is going to enter it in her county and the state fair. Last year she came in 2nd place and won $5! I think the only reason she wants to make quilts is to win the $5. She also sewed a sleeve on the back.

Last year my goal was to use 500 yards. I came close by using 435 yards. I finished 50 quilts. Most just needed quilting and binding.

This year I hope to use 350 yards.

To date I have used 94.35 yards.

Thanks, Judy, for giving us a place to showcase our finishes.


MB in MI said...

WOW!! All your quilts are great & congrats on your talented granddaughter!! Nice work!

Barb in Mi said...

I agree: WOW! What a photo collection of beautiful quilts! Good luck with your fabric usage goals.

Jennifer said...

Great year so far and your granddaughter made a wonderful quilt!

Melanie said...

You've had a great year so far! How nice to have a granddaughter to quilt with you!

Kate said...

Wow! Great quilts and terrific stash busting!