Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stash Report - 1/29/2012

This week I went to Joann's with coupons in hand. I went specifically for a Olfa rotating cutting mat. I much prefer sewing to watching TV. My 90 yr old mother lives with us and I can't stay shut up in the sewing room all day and night so I venture out to watch a couple of shows with her each evening. I decided if I got this rotating cutting mat I could still be quilting (squaring up blocks, etc...) and spending time with my mother.

Note: FOUR years ago at the fair I saw a quilt and fell in love. Went searching for the fabric (it had to be the same exact fabric) bought it and began. Soon ran out of the white I was using, couldn't find it anywhere, stuck the project in a box and put it on the top shelf in the closet. Pulled it out last Friday to see what I could do to get it finished.

Back to Joann's: While walking around trying to find something (that wasn't already on sale) to get so I could use my last two coupons I came across the exact white fabric that I needed to finish the quilt I began FOUR years ago.  I am so excited. I also had to buy some more black rick rack.

I also decided to make two I Spy quilts bigger so I needed more sashing fabric.

Only added 5 yards.

Used one yard making "4 Patches 4 Hope". Regina is requesting 4 patches in honor of her mother. She will be turning these 4 patches into comfort quilts.

This quilt came about as I wanted to use the extra from a quilt backing. I fussy cut the butterflies, found one of the two pinks in my stash and made this quilt for Ronald McDonald's House. This is a great pattern because you can make it any size you want and it is easy to make in a day.  Pattern is "Puzzle Box" by Tracey Brookshier.  The inside of the blocks are 6 inches so it is perfect for large scale fabrics. I prefer to make more blocks than add a border. I have enough butterflies to make another quilt after I purchase more pink fabric.

This is a I Spy quilt for Ronald McDonald's house.

Here are 6 beds for the animal shelter - uses 1/2 yard of flannel each.

Purchased  -  60 yards
Used  - 64.68 yards

 Used more than I bought - 4.68 yards - back in the black!


Diana said...

Congrats on finding the white fabric....I love when that happens! I like the dog beds too.

Kathy said...

How awesome is it that you found the white fabric!

Sara said...

I really like the I Spy! The aqua color is bright and cheerful.

Amy said...

Congrats on finding your fabric! That was really lucky.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

yay!! i love when you find what you need. How do you like the rotating cutting board? I thought those would be neat.

Deanna said...

Your I-spy layout is particularly nice and different than I have seen. I really like it!

Cathy said...

I love all those quilts!! Especially the "I spy" one. I also like how your 60 yards in beats my 57. LOL!!

Denise :) said...

Wow -- busy, BUSY week for you -- great numbers!!! :)

krisgray said...

Congrats on finding your fabric. Those are some pretty finishes!

Kate said...

Lots going on in you sewing room. Very pretty quilts and fun looking doggy beds. Congrats on staying in the black even with the new purchases.

Lori said...

Finding the exact same fabric four years later is amazing! Love the I Spy quilt. What did you stuff the pet beds with??