Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stash Report - January 22, 2012

Made a trip to Whittles and brought home 55 yards of fabric.  They don't stock the most current lines, but it is good quality, name brand fabric. If you go to Whittles you need to know that they only take cash or checks - no credit cards.  Not sure how the online shop operates.
Doesn't look like 55 yards, I counted it three times to be sure. I paid between $2.50 and $3.50 per yard so I feel pretty good about my selections. The most expensive fabric I saw was $7 a yard.
On the top are a bunch of blue fat quarters. The next three fabrics are 2 yd pieces for backgrounds. The next two are one yard pieces for bindings. The red and the black on the bottom are for borders for kid quilts. The brown dots are also for background.
The bottom red piece is flannel and will become a backing. I just couldn't leave without the blueish fabric. I hope I bought enough to use in a two color quilt for my bed. The top are more fat quarters and the fabric under the fat quarters is full of sweet red flowers and blue swirls.

I didn't find any white with black dots or any background for QOV quilts.

Hope to have my numbers back in the black within the next couple of weeks.

I still have some Michael Miller's ABC panels to give away.

Used YTD - 46.9
Purchased YTD - 55
Stash Report - -8.1 - not too bad. 

Visit JudyL's blog to see how how everyone is doing.


Teresa in Music City said...

Wow - don't you just LOVE Whittles??? I get up there every chance I get. Looks like you got some great fabrics and have a pretty good idea of how they are going to be used. Good for you!

krisgray said...

WOW - what a shopping trip - lovely additions! It's like a bad trick that fabric plays on us, being so deceptively skinny while adding up to so many yards.

Melanie said...

Sounds like you had fun! It's amazing that you bought all that fabric and your stash report isn't bad at all. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to add new fabrics to our stash. Your report is still pretty good, remember you have the rest of the year to get caught up.

Jeanne said...

Heehee -- 55 yards -- go Dee Dee!!!

Jeanne :)