Monday, June 25, 2012

Design Wall - June 25, 2012

My design area has a couple of projects. First - 66 6.5 inch flannel blocks of sport balls - basketball, football, tennis, baseball and hockey pucks, plus some yardage I may/may not use to create 2 or 3 quilts.

These quilts are part of my "Summer of Done" project.

I think I have had these squares cut out for at least three years.

I will make one of the quilts into  a snowball - 9 patch quilt.  I thought of making a rag quilt and decided that  didn't want to do the snipping of the seams.

The "Summer of Done" is all about quick and easy quilts.

2 - When my mother first moved from California to TN I knew she was going to miss her fuchsias, so when I came across fuchsias on fabric I made her a quilt to remind her of her lovely flowers.

These extra blocks have been sitting around for almost 7 years and suddenly I realized they would make great runners for her dresser and bedside tables. Only have to put the binding on and they will be ready for use. I might wait 'til Christmas and put them under the tree. I probably won't be able to wait 6 months. This is another "Summer of Done' project.

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Charlene S said...

"Summer og Done" - I like that! For me it is "2012 - Year of UFO's" my goal is to clear out as many of my UFO's w/o making any new ones. If I start a new project, it has to be completed along with a UFO before I can go on. So far so good!

marcella said...

Wow, you've got a lot of good projects lined up to be complete. Those fuchsia blocks are lovely.

Lori said...

Summer of done--great idea. The black and brite blocks--loved them! But I'm curious about the fuchsia fabric--was it printed with the two colors and the flowers on them?

Quilter Kathy said...

Fabulous runners!

Kathaleeny said...

I'm loving that fuschia fabric and wonder if you fussy-cut them.