Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9, 2012 Stash Report

Not a lot of finishes in the past few weeks. I was given an ipad and played on it for hours and hours, downloading different apps, deleting the ones that didn't work. I am not the best with computer skills and had to call the grandgirls for their help and advise. I have got to admit we enjoyed using facetime, once I figured it out. Any apps you think I might want/need?

I did purchase 17 yards of fabric - 12 yards of handed dyed fabric from Vicki for a quilt that will be finished in January or February.

 I sent Vicki a picture of the above rendering of a quilt I wanted to make and she helped me choose the perfect colors I needed to make my quilt sing. I made my quilt with 11 columns to fit our bed and picked a brown for the background. I do have the quilt top made and will be sending it to Alycia for some custom quilting in January. So I won't count the fabric as used until I get the binding on it next year.

I also purchased 5 yards of this fabric, just couldn't resist it.

This fabric went on the back of my 12th and last QOV for 2012.

My granddaughter was here for a few days and wanted to help make a quilt. She picked the pattern and fabrics. I did the cutting and she did the piecing, which had to be redone each evening after she went home. She came back today and with her mother's help, quilted it. I put on the binding. It measures 71 inches square before washing. It is going to Alycia.

Does anyone else think it looks like a giant Swoon block?

I got my new quilt rack. Deanna's dad made it for me (and for a bunch of other folks). I love it! My quilt rack is holding 4 - 100 square inch quilts. It is so sturdy and looks great and is really well made. I was worried that it wouldn't hold 4 large quilts but it does and I couldn't be happier. I am ordering another one.

The heart quilt in the above picture is the 5th quilt I made. I gave it to Bill for Valentine's Day and named it "With All My Hearts". Each heart is made from heart fabric, which was really hard to find in 1996. Bought most of them at the Ben Franklin store.

I feel pretty good about accomplishing most of my goals for this year. I still have a few weeks left and maybe I can check off a few more finished quilts.

Used - 434.16 yards

Added -111 yards 

Net Used YTD - 323.16 yards

Quilts finished in 2012 - 46

My goals for 2012 are simple~

1 - make one QOV each month. 
Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec  Yippee!!!!!

2 - make one quilt for Ronald McDonald's House each month
Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec plus 3

3 - finish one already started quilt each month 
Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec

4 - if I complete the above 3 goals each month I can start one new quilt
 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11


krisgray said...

Your quilts look wonderful on that new rack!

Donna said...

You had a great year and a busy week. Good job!

kwiltnkats said...

Is this how we are to put our 2013 goals together for Judy's revamped challenge? You sure are busy, the best way to be! Is the quilt rack mounted to the wall? I like how the stars change color as they transition to the next color. Be Merry. 😊

Teresa in Music City said...

You have done very well indeed! Bravo!!! Your granddaughter's quilt is wonderful - definitely a big swoon block :*D I've been wanting one of those racks - I'm going to get my husband to make one for me.

Denise :) said...

Haha! It does look like a giant swoon block! Your new quilt rack looks fabulous!!! :)