Monday, December 31, 2012

January 2013 "Get It Done"

I have so many unfinished projects that I decided to join Judy's monthly "Get It Done" challenge.

January's 4 goals are:
To make a donation quilt top out of these 25 9 patch blocks. It will be something easy like just adding sashing. I made these blocks from left over bits from a quilt I made my niece when she got married almost 6.5 years ago.  This might go to Ronald's House for a teen.


To sew down the rick rack on all these blocks - around 35-40 of them. I did sew them down the center, then decided that I had better sew them down along each side as I didn't want it to curl up when washed. This quit has been waiting for 5+ years. I saw the quilt at a county fair and loved it so much that I searched all over for  the fabric so I could make one. Not sure if I still like it, but I hope to finish it this year. Not sure where it will end up. Maybe I will fall in love with it again.


Sew two rows on my scrappy apple core quilt, I only have two rows sewn together so far. I have all the pieces cut out. I have made a few lap size donation apple core quilts in the past and my mother asked if I would make one for her bed. Maybe this will be finished in time for Christmas.

I was in a swap a few years back and never did anything with the blocks. I am going to put them together with sashing and call it finished. I think there are either 25 or 30 blocks. This quilt will be a donation.

I  think I feel more comfortable only having three items on my list, but I will try for the 4 as Judy suggested for the first month and see how it goes.


Denise :) said...

I like the look of the rick rack! And the scrappy apple cores, too!!! :)

Sue H said...

I too think it will be fun to see how that rick rack top is going to turn out! Lots of fun things going on.

Cheryl said...

All of your projects look fun. Try 4, but if 3 ends up being more comfortable then scale it back to 3. I am thinking in traveling months I'll drop down to two. The plan is to just keep moving forward.

Beth in MN said...

I really like Judy's format this year. I think you will be surprised by how much you will accomplish since we make a list each month. Lots of "quilty" good luck!

Carmi Quillts said...

It'll be great to see what we all finish this month.

Anonymous said...

It will feel great to get those UFOs finished. I always like the applecore design, but I've never made one. Are you doing it by machine or hand?

Bonnie said...

Your list looks ambitious, but won't you feel great if you get it done???

Lois (AKA Onnie) said...

I had to think hard for 4 things, and now I think I will go completely revise the list. I decided to do a valentine quilt, and then make the Christmas quilt bigger. It never ends! Nice to meet you!

Deb said...

My GD would do leaps and bounds to get her hands on that rick rack quilt.....just her colors!
I'm almost afraid to make a list, but so far have finished one thing on my unpublished list. lol
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am still unsure about that whole thing also.