Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stash Report - February 17, 2013

Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend.
Here are two  quilts I made for Margaret's Hope Chest. I bound one with a pink stripe fabric.  These quilts only need to be 39x50, quick and easy to make.  The next one has a solid pink binding.

This little one is a 38x38 inch quilt is going to Ronald's House.

Two weeks ago I posted about my niece wanting another quilt. Mary-Kay gave the me the perfect excuse for not making the quilt by telling them that I wouldn't be able to make it as my quilting time was already booked for the year.

It didn't work - my sister  bought their plane tickets before she called me. They - all 3 -  are coming out to make it, with my help, in March. They will be here for 5 days and I told her that she is going to be doing all the sewing and quilting. She picked a pattern, I figured out how much yardage she would need and she is off to buy it today. She bought a sewing machine from Walmart and I suggested she take it back as it probably wouldn't survive the flight and that she could use one of mine. When she called she wanted to know how big to cut the squares.....She was going to mark the fabric with a felt tip marker and a ruler and I told her that I would cut it for her. Looks like I didn't get out of it after all, at least I am not having to pay for it!

Used since last post - 9.26  / Used YTD - 92.14

Bought since last post - 0 / Bought YTD - 41 (bought in 2012, arrived in 2013)

Net used YTD -  51.14

Quilts finished in 2013 - 10

Goals for 2013

1) I am planning on staying out of quilt shops - there is not one thing I need. No patterns, no thread, no batting, no fabric, no rotary blades, no rulers, no gadgets, nothing. If I don't have it then I do not need it. There isn't any reason for me to visit a shop in town or online. I guesstimated how much fabric I have and I will never come close to using it all. The folks who get my quilts don't know if the fabric is brand new or 6 years old, they only know that someone out there in the world cares enough about them to make them a quilt. I will be unsubscribing to all emails from quilt stores, if I don't see it I won't be tempted.

Amendment to Goal #1 - I will be going to the Paducah Quilt Show in April and I will be bringing home some fabric/patterns/etc...  That will be the only quilting shopping I plan on doing this year.
1 - 
3) Make 12 quilts for Ronald's House
1 - 2 - 3
4) Finish 5 quilts that I have already started
1 - 2
Other finished quilts
1- 2 - 3 - 4 - 


Kate said...

Very pretty quilts, for good causes. I'm trying to stay out of the LQS and tying my hands so I don't press any buttons on the computer. I'm only buying what I need to finish projects. Good luck with all your goals this year.

jan said...

Those quilts are very cute! I hope you enjoy your visitors. Maybe the experience of making ( or at least buying fabric) might help them appreciate the ones you have done for them in the past...

eva said...

Awesome quilts....
i read the niece story to my husband.....he got it right away.... he said: that's one way to have your own way; play stupid, and you'll get all the help!!
i was a good laugh!! you are obviously....the best!!

Quiltsmiles said...

Cute Story and nice finishes. Your numbers look fantastic too BTW! Jane

WyoPat said...

Stars for your crown--and you know you will be doing a lot more on "the quilt." But maybe they'll get hooked and make you a quilt in the future!