Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3, 2013 Stash Report

Not much to show for this week, made some backs that won't be counted until the quilt is finished and will finish up some quilting on a bed quilt, maybe get a couple of smaller quilts completed that will all be counted next week.

Got the first of my February "Get It Done"goals cross off with these 26 blocks that are going to Alycia's Block Drive. 3 yards were used to make these blocks.

Through one of Bill's cousins - earliest connection is through their great great grandfather - found us and the best part is that she is a quilter. She is coming out for a visit and we are going to the Paducah Quilt Show in April. There is no way I am going to go to this quilt show and not buy something, probably more than one somethings. So there goes my #1 goal for this year, right out the window. It will be fun to connect with our new cousin and share genealogy finds with one another.

Goal #6 has been eliminated! I tried it and decided that I am not ready to tackle this skill.  After 2.5 hours I was able to complete this one block from a tutorial from Amy's Creative Side.

It looks good - though I mis-pieced one white triangle that should have been green. After I figured it out , that right side/wrong side part which was pretty confusing to me, it went together pretty well. I like how all the seams matched! I thought there was some fabric waste and the removing of the paper was not something I would be willing to do for a whole quilt. Paper piecing will have to wait for now.

Got a call from my sister who told me her daughter wanted me to make her a quilt. I love making and giving quilts away, but for some reason this request really bugged me. I made this niece 3 queen size quilts, one for each of her marriages and then another one 4 years ago.  My niece and her daughter live with my sister and last time I was there, about a year ago, not one of their five beds had a quilt on it. They have 17 quilts that I made, where were they? Not sure they realize the cost of making a queen ( okay, I have enough fabric to make it) or the time involved. Plus, this family seldom says thank you for gifts they are given. Should I or shouldn't I?

Used since last post - 3  / Used YTD - 43.28

Bought since last post - 0 / Bought YTD - 41

Used YTD -  2.28 

Quilts finished in 2013 - 5

Goals for 2013

1) I am planning on staying out of quilt shops - there is not one thing I need. No patterns, no thread, no batting, no fabric, no rotary blades, no rulers, no gadgets, nothing. If I don't have it then I do not need it. There isn't any reason for me to visit a shop in town or online. I guesstimated how much fabric I have and I will never come close to using it all. The folks who get my quilts don't know if the fabric is brand new or 6 years old, they only know that someone out there in the world cares enough about them to make them a quilt. I will be unsubscribing to all emails from quilt stores, if I don't see it I won't be tempted.
1 - 
3) Make 12 quilts for Ronald's House
1 - 2
4) Finish 5 quilts that I have already started

6) Learn to paper piece - just not going to happen

Other finished quilts
1- 2


WyoPat said...

Like your blocks for Alycia--I'm thinking I should make some, too, if I can find enough contrasting fabrics in my patriotic stash (which is again depleted). Isn't it disheartening to give quilts and find out they aren't "treasured?" But perhaps they treasure them so much that they aren't using them?!

Suzanne said...

I like your 2013 goal list. The QOV blocks are great too. I do QOV quilts here in Utah...great organization! I have a couple of family members I do not make quilts for anymore too. I want my quilts to be used and loved.

Lori said...

17 quilts--where are they? If they aren't being used I do hope they have them stashed for heirlooms!

whether or not to make another one--well--that's up to you--but I lean towards the not.

Donna said...

I have a sister like that. She'll buy all kinds of overpriced stuff at craft shows, but if I make her something I never see it again. It must go straight into the closet or to Goodwill.
I stopped making her things almost 15 years ago.
Love the blocks for the block drive!

Mary-Kay said...

You made some great blocks. Someone's going to get a beautiful quilt. As to making another quilt for your family, I'd say no but I'd be tempted to ask them where are the 17 your already made Actually it's probable much easier to just say you are too busy making QOV quilts and leave it at that.

Harriett said...

I like your QOV blocks. Family, sometimes all we can do is shake our head.

Denise :) said...

Haha! I like how Harriett puts it ... because it's true! Sometimes it really is all we can do!! Your QOV blocks look terrific (as always!). Dee Dee ... I say time's too precious to spend it making something grudgingly. I think you've been incredibly gracious making the girl the four quilts you've already made. Use that fabric (and your precious time) for making a quilt for someone who will appreciate it ... and you! :)

Jill said...

What a fabulous variety of fabrics you've used for the QOV blocks! I probably wouldn't make her another quilt if I were in your shoes...Have you made 4 quilts for each of your other relatives? If not, you could explain that you want to "spread the joy" with some other family relatives. I've discovered that most non-quilters have NO idea how much money and time is put into making a quilt. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Have fun with it!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

LOVE your blocks!!!
Wow - 17 quilts huh? I think I would charge them if I did it.... that's tough!

Have fun with your new cousin!!