Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get It Done - January's Review / February's Goals

Let's see how I did with January's goals.....

January's 4 goals were:
To make a donation quilt top  out of these 25 9 patch blocks. It will be something easy like just adding sashing. I made these blocks from left over bits from a quilt I made my niece when she got married almost 6.5 years ago.  This might go to Ronald's House for a teen.

Finished this one. I actually had 28 of these 9 patches. I was able to make three quilt tops. Easy and simple and get it done was the goal for these blocks. Margaret's Hope Chest is requesting quilts that are 36 x 50. I was able to make two quilt tops that measure 38 x 50, each top used 12 blocks. The third quilt top is a baby one that is going to Ronald's House, it measures 39x39.

To sew down the rick rack on all these blocks - around 35-40 of them. I did sew them down the center, then decided that I had better sew them down along each side as I didn't want it to curl up when washed. This quit has been waiting for 5+ years. I saw the quilt at a county fair and loved it so much that I searched all over for  the fabric so I could make one. Not sure if I still like it, but I hope to finish it this year. Not sure where it will end up. Maybe I will fall in love with it again.

Got the rick rack sewed down on all 37 blocks!


Sew two rows on my scrappy apple core quilt, I only have two rows sewn together so far. I have all the pieces cut out. I have made a few lap size donation apple core quilts in the past and my mother asked if I would make one for her bed. Maybe this will be finished in time for Christmas.

YES! Got this one done!

I was in a swap a few years back and never did anything with the blocks. I am going to put them together with sashing and call it finished. I think there are either 25 or 30 blocks. This quilt will be a donation.

I  think I feel more comfortable only having three items on my list, but I will try for the 4 as Judy suggested for the first month and see how it goes.

Just couldn't get interested in doing this one. I will put it back in the drawer and maybe later in the year I will get to it.

February Goals:

1.  Sew two more rows on my apple core quilt. There are 22 apple cores in each row. Only 18 more rows to go.

2.  Quilt and bind these three tops

3. Do something with this basket, this bag and this box of scraps. A lot of these scraps are left over pieces from backings.
I will probably cut them into charms, 2.5 inch strips and squares, and add some to my collection of strings. There might be a few pieces that might be fat eighths and I will fold those and put them with my fat quarters. I am thinking 6 hours will take care of this mess.

4. I will spend 4 hours and  make some blocks for Alycia's Block Drive 

I think I will be able to get these goals finished by March.

You can read about some goals other quilter's have set at Judy's blog......


Granny said...

You did great! If you're more comfortable with three items, do three. I'd rather have you participate and be happy with your results than to force yourself to do a certain number just because of me! :) Good luck with the February goals.

DeeDee said...

I am/was feeling pressure (only from myself) to get the red and green blocks into a quilt, but I never feel/felt like doing it. Maybe someday....4 goals are great - only one a week, very easy to do.

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

Dee Dee, You did a great job with your goals for January. Your little nine patch quilts will be loved by whoever gets them.

Diane Wagner said...

Good Job Dee Dee. Love your 9-patch blocks and look forward to seeing how you quilt them.

Quilting Revolution said...

Great progress! Tell me about your Apple-Core Quilt. Are you hand-piecing or machine piecing that one? I think you just picked my next "Leader\Ender" project by showing me that. I just need to remember how to sew them! Concave over Convex...or...(I don't even know the difference...LOL)

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Well done! 4 doesn't seem like much when I write it down, but when I see what you've accomplished, I think, "Wow!".

Dar said...

Your did very well. Wish I could say the same.

Linda in Arkansas said...

I love the rick-rack quilt. I sure do hope you fall in love with it again - if not you can call me. LOL Good job getting so much finished - and good job setting obtainable and realistic goals.

Deanna said...

Congratulations! You did very well and are making beautiful progress.

Anonymous said...

Great goals for February. You did a wonderful job on the January goals. I think it's okay to say you just aren't ready to deal with that last one. You did so much on the others!

Harriett said...

Great job on your goals. Loving the apple core.

Ann said...

I agree with Harriett on both counts!

Beth in MN said...

I think the rick-rack looks like it will be cute when done. Congrats on getting so much done! Your February goals seem to be very doable.