Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grandma Doyle

My dad's mother, Fannie Mae, was born on March 12, 1878 in Mississippi. She had 9 children, the twins died within a week of being born. Another died of TB. Grandma had a stroke and I only remember her living in a hospital and speaking German. I could not understand her when we visited, though she did teach me to count to 10 in German. Her parents were from Germany.

I am so blessed to have many items that belonged to her.
 This is a photo album given to her by her husband on her 20th birthday in 1898, the original photos had been removed and I have copies of them.
 Here are her reading glasses, a pencil she used to mark which eggs she was leaving for the hens to hatch, an oil container she used on her sewing machine and a canning tool. I have all my treasures tagged as I want my boys and grandgirls to know why these things are so special to me.
4 of her wonderful scrappy quilts, one needs to be quilted and I really should do that some time soon.

I have some love letters written to her soon to be husband, they are in a safety deposit  box.

Then there is this doll......

I had a doll just like this one. I loved her and took her everywhere, she is posable. Her name was Candy. I took her to see my grandma in the hospital and my grandma also fell in love with her, she thought she was a real baby and talked to her for hours and hours. When we were ready to leave Oklahoma I was asked to leave Candy with my grandma and I would get another one when we got home. Of course I pitched a fit and said no! When we got home my dad bought another identical doll and sent it to my grandma. To this day I am totally ashamed of my behavior. I was only 7 when this happened. My doll is gone, this one belonged to my grandma. Every time I look at this doll I am filled with shame, maybe shame is too strong of a word, guilt, yes, I know it has been 53 years and I should forgive my small 7 year old self who didn't understand the act of kindness, of thinking of others, only thought of myself, my own needs. I keep her in a cabinet with my other treasures and smile when I see her and know how much I have changed over the years, and so glad I am not that selfish little 7 year old any longer.

I have only had one granddaughter who has shown any interested in playing with Candy II so when the time comes Emma will be gifted this sweet doll.

Here is my grandma as a young married woman and her with her dad in 1880.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

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Deanna said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing. I have tried for years to transform from self-centered-and-bratty to friendly-and-fearless. A lot of work.

Sweet Woodruff said...

Awww, such a handsome dad she had. I think it's a good idea to tag the items like that, sharing their story. And of course, the quilts are my favorite. :)

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Wow - What treasures!!! The quilts, the pencil - wow. You should not be ashamed of yourself at all - I still don't know many 7 year olds who would give up a treasured toy...