Sunday, September 15, 2013

QOV-RMH - Kimmy's Quilt

These two quilts are on their way to Alycia in Colorado.

I finished this top a few years back and sent it off to be custom quilted. I just love it.

I bought the I Spy fabric for $1 a yard, I will be making 8 quilts from it. I added a solid strip on each side and then added the black and white stripe on each side. Here are the first two all ready to go ...

I am using primary colors for the inside strips and binding. These will all be going to Ronald McDonald's house.

My 9 yr old granddaughter wanted to make a quilt for her friend's birthday - she did a great job - it took her 9 hours and she hung it there with no complaints - even did the quilting on it. All the fabrics she chose were polka dots.

So far this year I have used 226 yards of fabric.

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Lori said...

Lucky you getting to quilt with your granddaughter!