Saturday, September 21, 2013

I CAVED!!!!!

Well.......... so much for my commitment not to buy any fabric this year. My best friend, for over 35 years, just adores Suzy's Zoo. Every card and letter I receive from her has Suzy's Zoo characters on them. When I heard about the fabric line I went in search of it and got 5 yards. It is so cute. I especially like the happy little snails.
This is the fabric I used. The pattern is Picnic Quilt from the book "Orchard Quilts" by Lynette Jensen.

The flying geese are hard to see. The quilt finishes at about 78x66, perfect for a outdoor concert quilt.    I used just over 8 yards to make it.  

Had problems with my thread breaking on my long arm. Called APQS and Dawn Cavanaugh called me back while she was traveling and was so kind about my lack of knowledge of the machine. She stayed on the phone while I   completed all the tasks she gave me, took about 1/2 hour. She gave me her cell number just in case I needed more advise. The thread quit breaking and everything is running smoothly once again. The APQS team have always been so helpful and kind to me. 

Bought YTD - 46 yards (paid for 41 yards in 2012 - it arrived in 2013 so I counted it for this year - actually only purchased 5 yards this year)
Used - 234.43 yards
Total YTD - 188.43

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Laura said...

I think it is ok to buy fabric, even if you are on a fabric diet, if you are buying it to use immediately for a special project. Your friend will LOVE this quilt!

MTN MAMA said...

What a HAPPY Quilt!! Your friend will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!
So glad you are persistent about working with your machine. We ALL have those days!

Beth in MN said...

What a fun quilt and what a lucky friend. She will love the quilt.
I have met Dawn C. and she is such a lovely person. It is great the way she helped you out.

Sarah said...

Love the fabrics...very cute! :-) Great job with the stash numbers!

Jennifer said...

Oh, that is fantastic fabric! You did a great job of getting it into a quilt quickly :)

Dar said...

Cute, cute fabric. Your friend is lucky and will so love it.
I have met Dawn at AQS shows and she seems to be very nice to work with.

Kate said...

Very cute! Just 5 yards this year? That's doing really, really well on the stash busting front.

Denise :) said...

Very sweet!! I think this was an excellent buy -- it's certainly a darling quilt!! :)