Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 24, 2014 - Famous Quilters - Stash Report

Famous people, both here and gone, whose hobby is or was quilting: 

Elizabeth Taylor: On movie sets, she would have her dressing room trailer and then a seperate trailer to work on quilts during filming breaks.

Paul Newman: An avid quilter, he joined many quilting bees and entered many of his quilts in state fairs, several winning Grand Prize.

John Lennon: His grandmother taught him to quilt when he was a young boy.
He would make quilts while he was on the road with the Beatles, and he would make his fellow band members quilts for Christmas presents.

Lucille Ball: She always had quilt stands set up in her trailer on the set of "I Love Lucy" and would work on the quilts between rehearsals. Two of her quilts appeared on the show as hers and Ricky's bedspreads.

Marie Osmond: Marie not only is an avid quilter, but has served as Chairwoman of the National Quilting Society. Several of her quilts have won "grand champion" at worldwide quilting shows.

Eva Longoria: Makes pot holders out of quilt squares that she has sewn.

Queen Elizabeth: She and her mother were talented quilters. Some of her quilts hang in both Buckingham Palace and Winsor Palace.

Calvin Cooledge: During his Presidency, he would msake small quilts for visiting dignitaries.

Sally Field: Has quilted for over 40 years. Member of several quilting societies.

Johnny Depp: Has quilted since he was a teen. He is another actor who has been known to quilt on the set of his movies.

Jack Lemmon: Made quilts for Jack Klugman and  Tony Randall as a congratulations for being cast in the tv version of The Odd Couple.

Angela Lansbury: Made beautiful quilts on the set of Murder She Wrote.

George Strait: This country music legend has won several awards for his beautiful quilts. Two of his quilts are displayed in the Grand Ole Opry.

Thought that was a fun list of quilters to share with you....

I ordered 10 yards of Kona silver from and they sent it on  a tube instead of a flat bolt - I thought that was pretty neat -
I will be using this for the background of my flowering snowball quilt.

I am really enjoying making these blocks.

This QOV was inspired by Karen -

And the presentation case -

Here are my first two Tula Pink blocks with the frame and sashing -

The House is progressing slowly -  We are waiting for the solar guy, the final electrical inspection, then the insulation and drywall. We should be in by the end of September.  Can't believe this has taken so long...

Added since last report - 10 yards
Added YTD - 55.12 yards
Used since last report - 9.6 yards
Used YTD - 351.96 yards
Net Used - 297.35 yards 
fabric not counted until quilt is 100% finished

Quilts finished in 2014 - 54

UFO - Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - June - July - Aug - Sept - Oct - Nov - Dec
QOV - Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - June - July - Aug - Sept - Oct - Nov - Dec
RMH - Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - June - JulyAugSept-OctNovDec +17
Baby Quilts - 29 of 52 quilts 
Fat Quarter Shop - 4 out of 24 blocks 
Tula Pink - 120 of 120 blocks - making 20 extra blocks


Libby in TN said...

It's a house!! Good to hear from you. Loving the Tula Pink blocks. And the list of famous quilters was a fun read.

Shannon said...

Angela Lansbury is one of my favorite actresses! Hmmm...I wonder if I subconsciously knew that she was a quilter? Wanna share that pretty silver Kona? I bet you can't use it all! House is looking good!

Diana in RR,TX said...

The house is coming a long-I would say the end is in sight! Recognize some of your Tula fabric.Great numbers.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

That is so awesome - to know who else quilted!! And your QOV - perfect!!!

Barb in Mi said...

Thanks for posting the famous quilter list - I had no idea! Love your heart QOV and may have to borrow the idea as well for a wheelchair quilt. Do you use an accuquilt die for your flowering snowball - the blocks look fabulous! Congrats on the house getting into shape; September is just around the corner.

Karen said...

Of course you know I love your QOV quilt. The flowering snowball quilt is going to be amazing. I didn't realize you will be in the house in another month. That is wonderful. It looks very pretty.

Scooquilt said...

Really like your QOV! Yes, your house has taken a long time, but looks like it will be worth it. Enjoy the finishing up!

Mary-Kay said...

Your house is beautiful even not finished. There was an actress that was on the original Law and Order that quilted. I saw her on a talk show once and she brought along a couple of blocks. Anyway, your snowball quilt will look all shimmery with the Kona silver. I'm cold just thinking about it.

Beth in MN said...

Dee Dee, Your house looks like it will be fabulous when completed. We built 14 years ago, so can understand the impatience to have it done. You have been very prolific. Wow - your numbers are out of this world. What fun to get your fabric on roll. What great projects.

Kate said...

Love the list of famous people who quilt. Who knew?

You've finished some lovely projects, the QOV turned out beautifully.

Jennifer said...

Wow, didn't know about any of those quilters! Looks like you had a busy week - have fun with your new fabric : )