Sunday, November 9, 2014

2015 Goals - Stash Report 11-9-14

I think a lot of quilters like to plan out what they hope to accomplish in the coming year.

These are my quilting goals for 2015 ~ yes, my list keeps changing ~ for now I am content with these...

1 - 12 large lap quilts for Ronald McDonald House
     a - use fabric and patterns I already have
     b - make these for teens

2 - 12 QOV 
     a - use fabric and patterns I already have
     b - okay to use a pattern I have already made
     c - locate a place to deliver them close to the new house

3 - finish one UFO each month ~ I'm gonna try this again next year
     a - make a list of quilts that need to be finished
     b - if not in love with the quilt make it smaller and donate it
     c - use only fabric I already have to finish these

4 - make a valentine bed quilt
      a - use fabric I already have - reds, pinks and greens
      b - use a pattern I already have

5 - make a Christmas bed quilt
     a - try to incorporate fabric I already have - might have to purchase some
     b- use a pattern I already have

Simple enough - should be doable - 

Check out baby quilts #s 46 and 47 here - only 5 more to make, I think I will be able to reach my goal!

7 more hexie flowers. It is taking me about 70 minutes to make each flower, that doesn't include make the hexies (seems a little long to me, maybe 20 stitches per side is a bit much). I probably should watch a couple more you tubes on how to make these and maybe learn a new tip or two. Still need to make 184. 

Since last report ~ ~
Fabric in - ZERO
Fabric out - 5.10 yards

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Shannon said...

38 quilts in a year is totally do able! I shoot for 3 a month or so too. I can explain how to write your own pattern from a picture and determine how much fabric you need if you want. The math is not too complicated and most blocks are quite easy to figure out. I draw all mine on graph paper and keep them in a notebook. Then you can make anything you want!

Suzanne said...

You goal list is amazing and a little bit intimidating...but, you nearly done a baby quilt per week, so it is definitely doable for you. I think your nickname should be Super Quilt Maker!

kwiltnkats said...

That's an awesome 2015 Goals List. I have my UFO List for 2015 nearly complete. Darn your hexie project is looking great. It sure is a devotion of time...

Scooquilt said...

Interesting list. Yes, I think its doable. I'm never that specific in my goals; need to leave room for serendipity! Goals do help make things happen.

Karen said...

I like your list idea. I really need to set down and write a list. I wonder how many time i would it change before 2015.

Dar said...

You have a great list for 2015. I particularly like the "use the fabric I have on hand" for most of them. That is my BIG goal for the next 5 years! Now if only I can get to finishing some of my already pieced tops (15 and counting).

ozzypip said...

Interesting list. You can double up with your UFOs and your donation quilts... some of them might be able to go on both lists! With the internet having so many free patterns on it no need to buy patterns too often either. Hope you are satisfied at the end of 2015 with whatever you accomplish. I tend to set my goals monthly... that allows for the extra things that you can't anticipate... the babies and weddings that come along etc

Kathie said...

Wow will you have time to sleep with that list? I like the if you don't like it make it smaller and donate. Once at quilt guild a lady donated a king sized quilt top she made but didn't like and didn't want to quilt. I broke it apart into 4 lap sized quilts, put borders on them and they were donated to hospice. A win win for everyone.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I am impressed you are thinking that far ahead! I am still trying to knock off the 2014 list of things.... Nice list!

Denise :) said...

I adore your hexie flowers -- so bright and beautiful!!! :)

Kate said...

The hexie flowers are beautiful.

2015, already? I'm not ready to face where I am on my 2014 goals. But good for you to looking and thinking ahead.