Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Travel Pillows.....

The USO at the Nashville airport contacted the fun guild I belong to and ask asked for a couple of quilts and some travel pillows.

I made cases for two travel pillows. I bought the pillows at Walmart for $2.37 each. The fabric I already had. The main fabric I cut 17x28, the cuff 8x28 and the trim was 2x28. I used the hotdog method to make the cases.

I hope that they make a solider's flight much more comfortable.

For the not-so-fun guild I am donating 80 blocks I made about 8-10 years ago, maybe even longer. I cannot remember what plans I had for these blocks. I have so many projects already started that I don't mind passing these along to someone else to finish into a quilt. 

Thinking about letting go of some other projects so I can work on some quilts I really want to make. I have too many patterns I want to make.

I finally found the fabric for the QOV that needs binding. 

Not fully back into the quilting mode, working at it slowly, a bit each day.

Fabric usage ~
fabric in ~ .66
fabric out ~5.5
used YTD ~44.06

Quilts Finished ~ 3 ~ each quilt will only be counted in one category
RMH ~ 3
New ~


Libby in TN said...

It feels good to let go.

Karen said...

Very nice pillows. I am sure they will appreciate them. I like the star blocks. It is good that you passed them along. They will bring joy to someone when they are made into a quilt.

Shannon said...

Your pillows look great! I love how they asked your guild to make them. The ladies were probably thrilled to help out. If you don't love it don't make it because you don't have to!