Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Quilts That Are Not Vet Quilts

I've come to the conclusion that I have missed having my blog to refer back to. I miss keeping track of the quilts, yardage, who got which quilt.

Even though I've been busy with the Vet quilts for Wayne Co, I have finished 3 other quilts. These pictures were taken from the pictures in my quilt albums...

This quilt I totally stole the idea (with permission) from Life In Piece's Kate. I even used the same math fabric. I made this for our granddaughter's graduation (to fit her dorm bed) as she wants to teach  math at the college level. It is upside down...or not.

This quilt for for Seth. I have made this quilt numerous times and I am sure I have enough of the big print for two or three more.

Our niece married a guy who has a young son and this was the quilt I sent to him. I also include a letter telling him how happy we are to have him as part of our family. He loved it.

I need to get busy as I have a stack of tops waiting to be quilted and bound for RMH. A few I made and a few were sent to me from a cousin and from Karen. Plus have to get some kits put together for our next Vet quilt sew day.

I used 90.34 yards so far this year.


Karen said...

All the quilts are amazing. I love the quilt you made for your granddaughter. I am sure she loved it too. You have used a lot of fabric. Way to go for an awesome cause.

Kate said...

Your grand daughter's Math quilt turned out beautifully. Even if she doesn't put it on her dorm bed, I bet she snuggles under it when she's doing homework. That's what DT does with hers.