Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Wonderful Friend Karen! Vet Quilt

I consider Karen a very dear friend. If it weren't for the Internet our paths would never have crossed. She lives in Ohio and I am in Tennessee. I am so very blessed.

Last year (when I wasn't blogging) she sent me a beautiful quilt for my birthday. 
I love the floating stars, how the light stars on the dark background almost shimmer.  It was such a surprise. As a quilter I never expect to recieve a quilt as a gift. Bill and I both love it. Thanks Karen.
And the back - cute bird cages.

Karen has also made a couple of quilts for the Wayne County Vet project. Here is a picture the one she just sent.
It is the perfect size. The quilt is hanging at an odd angle. 

I am so grateful for Karen's friendship and her willingness to help with the Vet quilts.

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