Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Quilts for Vets of Wayne County, TN part 11

Here are the last four quilts for the quilt show on Saturday. "Today" the forecast is for rain on Saturday. Hopefully that changes.

This one was made by the newest member of our quilt group - she is a quilter!!!! She did a great job.
 Four different people made this quilt happen. Karen made the 16 patches, a friend made them into a  quilt top, Anne quilted it and I did the binding. Totally a group effort.

The pattern from this quilt is from Alycia's latest QOV Mystery. The directions made this one super easy to make. We are donating this quilt to the group who is building a Veteran's Park in our county. I hope it brings in a bunch of donations.

I think the name of this pattern is "Home of the Brave". Another quilt that went together with no problems. You piece it in vertical rows.
Yes, this is it for the Vet quilts for this year. Now we are praying that it doesn't rain on Saturday until 2:30 when the quilt show ends.

Here is a copy of the flyer that Anne, quilt shop owner, sent out on Facebook, members of the guilds she belongs to and all guilds within 100 miles of Wayne County.

FABRIK Emporium Newsletter

Open Thursday and Friday 10:00 am-4:00 pmSaturday 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Quilt for Vets Quilt Show and Country Fair

On September 23rd at 10:00 am to 2 pm, the FABRIK Emporium located at 
 2014 Old Beech Creek Rd. in Waynesboro will host a Quilt for Vet's 
 Quilt Show and Country Fair.  Approximately 50 quilts will be 
 displayed.  These quilts are for the Veteran's of the Korean War and 
 will be distributed on Veteran's Day (Nov. 11th).  Last year, many 
 people mentioned that they could not see the gorgeous quilts as the 
 vets were wrapped in them so the idea of a quilt show was born. In 
 addition to the quilts, there we will have opening festivities, where 
 Steve Allbright, senior advisor to Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, 
 Representative David Byrd and County Executive Jim Manbugat will 
 deliver short comments honoring our vets.  We will have Dennis 
 McMaster playing some patriotic music during this presentation.  The 
 American Legion will be presenting the colors.  Throughout the event, 
 Picken Crows and local gospel singer Murray Paul Gordon will entertain.  We have a very special food vendor--Dewey's Cajun Shack will be providing their wonderful Cajun Food.  There will also be many other goodies/treats available. Hint: it is 
 round, fried with apples!!!  We have numerous crafters and community 
 organizations also in attendance. Additional information and 
 directions call 931-676-3253 Thurs and Fri 10-4 and Sat 10-3.

Happy 1st Anniversary FABRIK Emporium!!!

Last year at this time we opened the FABRIK Emporium . . .  what 
 better way than to celebrate than to offer $1.00 off every yard of fabric we have in  the store!!!   There will be no fabric held back. We have fabric ranging
from 4.99 to 7.99 with a very few bolts at 9.99 (UT and Bama fabrics) 
 Most fabric in the store is $5.99 so for this sale will be $4.99 . . . 
 Can you beat that price for Benartex, RJR, Hoffman, Michael Miller, 
 Andover, Marcus, Choice just to name a few.  Moda and a few other brands will be $6.99.  Solids will be $3.99!!! 108 inch wide backing will be $8.99 a yard!!! 
 Sale starts on September 23rd and will continue through September 
 30th.  Hurry in on the 23rd, enjoy the Quilt show and Fair and enjoy the low prices!!!

We are all excited for this event as the group are looking forward to showing their families and friends the quilts they helped create. Me, I'm looking forward to having a fried pie or two!

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