Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stash Busting March 6, 2010

This has been a great week. All the quilts finished this week are donation quilts.My first finish is a string quilt, pattern found at , that I made last year and quilted this week.

The next quilt is from JudyL's website,  ,Blueberries and Cream. I pieced it in Feb. I really like how this quilt turned out and hope to make a few more in different colors.
This quilt is from JudyL's book, Weekend Quilts, also pieced last month. This was a really great quilt to make in just a few days. I didn't do the 1/2 square corners, but it still looks good.
This year I am making the majority of my donation quilts for guys. I am tired of using muslin for background so I went and bought 27 yards of fun "guy" type backgrounds.

This next quilt was cut out almost 2 years ago. "Somehow" it got misplaced and resurfaced in January of this year. I couldn't remember which pattern I was using so I tried putting the pieces together like a puzzle, nothing worked. I finally found the pattern in the book Amazing Nickle Quilts, Texas Two Step. I started putting it together only to discover I wasn't crazy about it. I decided to make 2 donation quilts instead of a quilt for our bed. This is the first quilt.

Now that it is quilted, I LOVE IT, and wished I had continued with my original plan.

I am only counting fabric as being "used" when a quilt is 100% finished. 

Fabric added this week ~ 27
Fabric added YTD ~ 78

Fabric used this week ~ 35.15
Fabric used YTD ~ 57.65

Stash Busted ~ -20.35

More fabric out than in makes it a very good week!


Kathie said...

Beautiful quilts, glad you found the pattern to complete that one.

kathie L.

Mary-Kay said...

Wow! I love all your quilts. Very impressive collection. You must have been really busy getting all of them done. I'd like to try the Blueberries and cream quilt. I just love blue. And the string quilt looks really neat with the black in it. I've never seen one like that.

Penny said...

On my goodness. Your quilts are wonderful but you have also shown me mary's quilts that I did not know about. I have been tempted on that blueberry quilt. Yours is so lovely. And yes....more fabric out than in IS a good thing.

Unknown said...

WOW, you had some great finishes - great job!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

You did awesome. I love those quilts!!