Sunday, December 8, 2013

2014 Goals and a Stash Report

This week I finished some quilts, they all only needed to be quilted and bound.....

Monday: This is the 2nd quilt I have finished like this one. It has been sitting around for almost a year just waiting to be quilted. This one will be going to RMH.  This one is one row smaller than the first one. 65x75.

Tuesday: Finished this quilt that I made when my granddaughter  was here last week making her "Big EZ" quilt...This one will go into my 2014 gifting pile. This one is 63x79.

Wednesday: I pieced these baby tops a few months ago, finally finished them, one has orange binding the other has green, one will go to RMH and the other into my gifting pile. These two quilts finish at 39 inches square. The blue squares are flannel. 39x39.

Thursday: I finished this quilt that was pieced earlier in the year. I had a bunch of 4 patch blocks (thinking it was suppose to be a Jacob's Ladder quilt) that I have had sitting around for years.
Decided to just sew 4 of the blocks together and added sashing and corner stones. Sewed a bunch of leftover binding together and it finished at about 63 x73. I will be keeping this quilt for the dogs. After their baths they zoom through the house rolling on anything they can find. 

Friday: This is the yellow version of the quilt I gave to Project Linus a couple of weeks ago. This one will be going into my gifting pile

I am turning my sewing room into a guest room for the week after Christmas. That means there will be no last minute quilting to use more fabric. That also means that I am going to have clean - pick up - put away - shouldn't take more than 4-5 hours to put everything in order.

Hard to believe 2014 is almost here. I have been thinking about what I would like to accomplish this coming year with quilting...

1 - finish one UFO each month - includes quilting and binding
2 - not to buy too much fabric, I am running low on blenders
3 - donate two quilts each month - QOV and RMH - I dislike like calling them "charity" quilts
4 - use some of my strings to make a couple of quilts
5 - finish each new quilt that gets started, no more UFOs
6 - make 5-6 quilts to have on hand for gifting - baby to large lap quilts

I only count fabric out when the quilt is 100% finished.

Bought YTD - 47 yards (paid for 41 yards in 2012 - it arrived in 2013 so I counted it for this year) actually only purchased 6 yards this year)
Used - 324.74 yards
Total YTD - 277.74

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Barb in Mi said...

Wow, lots of finishes - congrats!

Dar said...

Your quilts are wonderful. RMH is lucky to get such pretty quilts. You must have very clean dogs to let them have such a white quilt! I'd be afraid it would get dirty too quickly. My kitty has her own quilts but I purposely use colors that hid the cat hair a bit.
Your goals for 2014 are commendable. Some are similar to mine. Good year end numbers too. I'm amazed that you used so much and didn't have to buy but 6 yards. You are amazing.

Lori said...

I call mine HUG quilts, I am sending a quilt since I can't be there to add the hug personally. Anytime I give a quilt I think that. The flowers in the first quilt, LOL, someone gave me their scraps and there were some in there.

already planning for next year? Me too. I need the direction, otherwise I fritter my time away.

what a dent in your stash! WOWSER!!! And stash needs additions to keep it fresh.

Michelle said...

I love those pinwheels and aliens -- they're such great little boy quilts!