Friday, April 27, 2018

Happy (belated) New Year!!!

I had planned on posting this back in January. Time just slipped by...

I certainly didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked in 2017 with regards to quilting. Being in charge of creating 50 Vet quilts sorta took over my life. Even though I had a lot of help it was all very time consuming.

This year, 2018, we are only going to be making 12-15 quilts for Vets. That is so very manageable. We already have 12 finished and ready to present to our local Vets. This year we are concentrating on Viet Nam Vets. I think it will take 3 years of quilt making to cover these vets.

Karen and I are going to try to use up a lot of our scraps this year. We even traded scraps. I've come up with 5 patterns I want to make into a scrappy quilts. When cutting up my scraps I plan on cutting for all 5 quilts at the same time.

Our second granddaughter is graduating this year and is planning on going to nursing school. I bought a bunch of nursing fabric that needs to be turned into a quilt before graduation in May, though I may wait until she finds out which dorm room she gets as I want to make the quilt to fit her bed. It will either be a full size or a extra long twin.

I have one baby quilt to make for our niece's 2nd baby and a log cabin quilt to make for our closest neighbor.

Back in November some quilty friends got together to make some barn quilts. They invited me to join in. I am not a crafter, don't enjoy it at all. I did go to watch. They were making 2x2 ft boards. First they painted their boards white, waited for the paint to dry. Then they drew their designs on the boards. Then they taped off the areas to be painted first. Painted the first area. Waited for that to dry. This is when I left. I guess quilting gives me instant gratification, even though it takes quite awhile to make a quilt.

I came home and decided that I really wanted a barn quilt, one that was 4x4 ft.

The perfect solution for a non-crafter is to go to etsy and see what they had in the size I wanted.

It came in the middle of November and I actually waited until Christmas morning to unwrap it! I just love it so much. Makes me smile every time I come home. We put it on the side of a shed. My thoughts are that I just might buy a barn quilt every year until this side of the shed is covered...
Even though the description said it had been waterproofed I sprayed it again.

Bill couldn't figure out what it was that he bought me for Christmas!

I made a total of 39 quilts in 2017 and used about 179 yards of fabric. Hoping to do a bit better in 2018.


Shannon said...

I have been looking at barn quilts for several months now. I even pinned a whole bunch of them so I could decide which ones I want to put up on our property. I really like yours and the idea to add one each year til it's covered.

Karen said...

I am always amazed on how you do get accomplished. I love barn quilts just no barn to put them on. Yours is pretty.